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Household projects - Part 1

 List of ecosan facilities at households in Kenya - Part 1. The list is not inclusive of all existing ecosan facilities in Kenya. If you know other projects, please send the project details to ecosankenya@gmail.com.

Tech. (technologies) UDDT - Urine diversion dehydration toilet, Biogas - Biogas settler/ digester, ABR - Anaerobic Baffled Reactor
Nb. (number of toilets) f - flush toilets, p - pour flush toilets, s - showers, mu - male urinals, fu - female urinals
Com. (company and consultants) who have implemented the facility
Fina. (financed by) EPP (EU-Sida-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project), ROSA (EU funded Resource-Orientated Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa), self - self-financed
GPS Coordi. (Global Positioning System Coordinates) - enables you to find the exact location

  User Name  Area Tech.Nb. Com. Fina. GPS Coordi.
1HHPamela OwiyoBondoUDDT  EPP 0° 3'3.64"S,  34°12'31.90"E
2HHSara OndegoBondoUDDT  EPP 0° 3'12.39"S,  34°12'39.21"E
3HHMary OlooBondoUDDT  EPP 0° 3'0.97"S, 34°13'5.02"E
4HHMary BudaBondoUDDT  EPP 0° 3'13.38"S,  34°12'34.02"E
5HHTimothy OpiyoBondoUDDT  EPP 0° 3'11.79"S,  34°12'34.57"E
6HHRose NangeheBungomaUDDT  EPP00 42' 58.6'' N, 034 31' 08.7'' E
7HHLeonida MusunguBungomaUDDT  EPP00 41' 47.3'' N, 034 32' 11.2'' E
8HHGrace KhalayiBungomaUDDT  EPP00 45' 54.2'' N, 034 30' 20.0''E
9HHReuben KhisaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 41' 43.2'' N, 034 31' 00.7'' E
10HHThemuthila WafulaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 45' 45.9'' N, 034 29' 09.7'' E
11HHJustus WasikeBungomaUDDT  EPP00 43' 46.7'' N, 034 32' 33.5'' E
12HHFrancis WalekhwaBungomaUDDT  EPP 0°40'09.0"N,  34°31'17.1"E
13HHFestus FwambaBungomaUDDT  EPP 0°40'20.31"N,  34°31'29.68"E
14HHBridgit LuswetiBungomaUDDT  EPP 0°43'15.78"N,  34°34'40.79"E
15HHFrancis NyukuriBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 30.1'' N, 034 34' 52.0'' E
16HHRuth SindaniBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 42.7'' N, 034 34' 39.8'' E
17HHJoy WafulaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 25.3'' N, 034 35' 10.2'' E
18HHMaximilla MulongoBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 01.4'' N, 034 35' 40.6'' E
19HHJacob SikukuBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 24.0'' N, 034 34' 34.1'' E
20HHWickliffe KisuyaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 24.2'' N, 034 34' 51.5'' E
21HHOwen WafulaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 13.9'' N, 034 35' 19.1'' E
22HHGladys WapanganaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 44' 20.2'' N, 034 35' 06.4'' E
23HHArtison KimakwaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 45' 28.7'' N, 034 36' 14.5'' E
24HHDavid W. ManduBungomaUDDT  EPP00 45' 26.0'' N, 034 36' 29.8'' E
25HHBen MutukaBungomaUDDT  EPP00 45' 34.0'' N, 034 36' 18.6'' E
26HHJane WamonoBungomaUDDT  EPP0°41'29.38"N,  34°25'16.33"E
27HHEzekiel OdeoBungomaUDDT  EPP0°41'20.43"N,  34°25'22.64"E
28HHJoshua OkaasBungomaUDDT  EPP0°41'14.60"N,  34°25'10.37"E
29HHMary M. WafulaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°40'31.32"N,  34°25'26.28"E
30HHAggrey ChelekesiBungomaUDDT  EPP0°40'3.86"N,  34°25'13.04"E
31HHJackson Etyang OdeoBungomaUDDT  EPP0°40'58.31"N,  34°25'35.99"E
32HHMohammed JumaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°41'3.21"N,  34°26'17.14"E
33HHDorine JumaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°41'6.13"N,  34°26'26.55"E
34HHRose SilaliBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°40'58.93"N,  34°26'34.84"E
35HHLydia MajimboBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°44'39.52"N,  34°31'25.91"E
36HHProtus Khisa KutoreBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°42'9.62"N,  34°27'25.82"E
37HHRonald B. WanjalaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°41'30.42"N,  34°28'6.64"E
38HHChrispus TibotiBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°42'49.55"N,  34°31'52.46"E
39HHIsaac NassiumaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'52.77"N,  34°32'48.11"E
40HHRoselyne ChambisaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'33.64"N,  34°32'33.40"E
41HHRoderick KusienyaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°42'47.39"N,  34°33'2.24"E
42HHGeorge WangilaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'31.30"N,  34°32'15.93"E
43HHWinnie SiunduBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'45.31"N,  34°33'13.24"E
44HHMartha AlakaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'13.29"N,  34°32'43.04"E
45HHAnna WanjalaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°42'1.07"N,  34°32'7.89"E
46HHAbdalla NdallaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'9.22"N,  34°32'40.07"E
47HHPatrick MurayaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°44'31.43"N,  34°32'31.14"E
48HHViolet Jamini NdalaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°43'0.35"N,  34°32'33.98"E
49HHVirginia B MasindeBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°46'39.12"N,  34°27'48.65"E
50HHJames ChetekaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°46'15.30"N,  34°27'49.32"E
51HHBenedette WanyonyiBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°47'6.18"N,  34°28'6.80"E
52HHPatrick NatoBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°46'6.01"N,  34°27'33.97"E
53HHJoseph WabombaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°46'31.17"N,  34°24'56.99"E
54HHSilas wanyonyiBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°45'9.32"N,  34°28'20.60"E
55HHJosephat NyongesaBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°46'24.80"N,  34°28'2.82"E
56HHArnold MarumbuBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°44'43.36"N,  34°26'32.82"E
57HHLaban Emung'asiBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°47'12.64"N,  34°27'25.21"E
58HHEvans MasaiBungomaUDDT  EPP  0°47'7.07"N,  34°26'39.73"E
59HHPatrick ChipoBungomaUDDT  EPP00°37'51.90"N,  034°37'1.50"E
60HHTimoth MundiaKitale clusterUDDT  EPP  1° 3'21.71"N,  34°57'45.05"E
61HHGeorge VihasiKitale clusterUDDT  EPP 
62HHPauline MuyomaKitale clusterUDDT  EPP 
63HHWiliam KiverengeKitale clusterUDDT  EPP 
64HHShide Sabul GabowLagderaUDDT  EPP00 44' 00.8'' N, 039 10' 29.7'' E
65HHNyomonde MudengeLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'52.26"N,  34°16'2.51"E
66HHAnjeline WahongoLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'48.71"N, 34°16'3.09"E
67HHAnjeline OlooLiganwaUDDT  EPP 0° 6'44.19"N,  34°16'1.41"E
68HHTeresia NgesaLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'45.83"N, 34°15'59.26"E
69HHLucas MuseweLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'0.31"N,  34° 8'21.66"E
70HHJoseph OdhiamboLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'39.27"N,  34°15'58.27"E
71HHAntony OmoloLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'19.29"N,  34° 8'31.80"E
72HHKennedy OluochLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'1.55"N,  34° 8'13.90"E
73HHPeter OdipoLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'49.14"N,  34°16'6.64"E
74HHMonica OwinoLiganwaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'59.40"N,  34°16'6.37"E
76HHBartholomew BarazaMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'45.90"N,  34°17'13.04"E
77HHMargaret Onyango MuhorMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'47.06"N,  34°17'13.44"E
78HHJames Oduor OunduMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'43.79"N,  34°17'9.00"E
79HHJanes MadungaMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'47.09"N,  34°17'6.87"E
80HHJohn Ondare RapulMbagaUDDT  EPP0° 4'31.44"N,  34°17'5.51"E
81HHOtieno OwagoMbagaUDDT  EPP 
82HHMichael OwinoMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'45.95"N,  34°16'54.54"E
83HHJohn SikaMbagaUDDT  EPP  0° 4'47.48"N,  34°16'50.32"E
84HHGilbert SibutaMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°44'26.85"N,  34°34'57.47"E
85HHPeter SibutaMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°44'24.96"N,  34°34'57.15"E
86HHPhoebe NabutolaMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°43'51.61"N,  34°34'14.92"E
87HHSaul PepelaMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°44'15.73"N,  34°34'54.02"E
88HHMary MumeloMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°45'31.98"N,  34°35'41.57"E
89HHPatrick MakoeMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°44'27.33"N,  34°34'55.44"E
90HHMonica MayuMount Elgon cluster 1UDDT  EPP  0°46'17.10"N,  34°32'30.87"E
91HHSamson MulongoMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP 0°46'38.49"N, 34°32'59.68"E
92HHMary KhamalaMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°46'38.62"N,  34°32'56.40"E
93HHJuliana MuseMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°46'38.62"N,  34°32'56.40"E
94HHBonventure SoitaMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°46'24.64"N,  34°34'15.53"E
95HHJephnea NakiboliMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°44'48.34"N,  34°33'8.24"E
96HHDavid WaswaMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°42'29.67"N,  34°32'39.61"E
97HHMary MabindaMount Elgon cluster 2UDDT  EPP  0°46'20.32"N,  34°32'57.36"E
98HHHarrison BudimoMumiasUDDT  EPP00 19' 56.6'' N, 034 36' 49.1'' E
99HHHenry LuttaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 13' 43.9'' N, 034 26' 49.4'' E
100HHSammy MirikaoMumiasUDDT  EPP00 13' 12.6'' N, 034 26' 35.0'' E
101HHLeonard OdongoMumiasUDDT  EPP00 13' 14.3'' N, 034 26' 36.1'' E
102HHStephen ApworaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 25' 37.3'' N, 034 26' 31.8'' E
103HHClare BarazaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 25' 32.2'' N, 034 25' 05.6'' E
104HHRichard WesongaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 12' 47.7'' N, 034 24' 50.6'' E
105HHAngeline AkhunguMumiasUDDT  EPP00 19' 31.4'' N, 034 36' 21.1'' E
106HHJames MkenyaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 23' 00.0'' N, 034 26' 54.9'' E
107HHAugustine MalalaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 23' 12.2'' N, 034 27' 07.3'' E
108HHSimon MakokhaMumiasUDDT  EPP00 19' 26.7'' N, 034 37' 18.0'' E
109HHFrancis AnangweMumiasUDDT  EPP00 20' 08.2'' N, 034 36' 57.6'' E
110HHWilfred K. OkwomiMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'32.63"N,  34°29'8.82"E
111HHEvaline N. OpataMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'46.22"N,  34°29'19.45"E
112HHPhilip L. KonganiMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'15.59"N,  34°29'2.19"E
113HHBeatrice L. NamukuruMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'25.67"N,  34°29'2.79"E
114HHErasmus MurayiMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°22'40.01"N,  34°27'26.19"E
115HHAbdalla M. BakariMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'25.28"N,  34°28'58.73"E
116HHDavid O. PambaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'44.21"N,  34°29'6.41"E
117HHFanice N. MolaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'36.37"N,  34°29'6.49"E
118HHAtmas J. WamalwaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'27.72"N,  34°28'59.97"E
119HHJacklyne N. MakhokaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'26.95"N,  34°28'59.07"E
120HHEmily N. WalubengoMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'39.28"N,  34°29'10.70"E
121HHJavan M. RapandoMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°28'22.00"N,  34°28'50.04"E
122HHEdward K. OmbugeMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°26'44.46"N,  34°30'2.34"E
123HHWycliffe SolikaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'30.08"N,  34°28'22.02"E
124HHJosephine N. MakokhaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'50.46"N,  34°29'2.97"E
125HHFrancisca ShiunduMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°22'52.28"N,  34°27'11.43"E
126HHGregory WesongaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°26'44.08"N,  34°30'2.67"E
127HHProtus MayaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°23'53.12"N,  34°26'43.40"E
128HHAli Matseshe KhisaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'35.70"N,  34°29'3.35"E
129HHChristine OlandoMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°26'40.77"N,  34°28'32.08"E
130HHRashid Wamalwa MasindeMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°26'18.15"N,  34°31'9.73"E
131HHPatrick Wangwero PambaMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'43.80"N,  34°28'51.15"E
132HHDavid Wanyama ShiangweMumiasUDDT  EPP  0°27'18.37"N,  34°29'6.42"E
133HHKEWINairobiUDDT  EPP1 18' 55.00'' S, 36 49' 28.30'' E
134HHRebecca BirechNandi SouthUDDT  EPP0 11' 5.36'' N, 35 19' 23.07'' E
135HHWalter LumaNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 4'10.83"N,  34°29'16.16"E
136HHPatricia AluochNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 4'9.52"N,  34°29'15.33"E
137HHElizabeth AdhiamboNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 3'7.67"N,  34°30'29.48"E
138HHSusan OkothNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 3'32.98"N,  34°31'23.08"E
139HHBetwel NangoNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 4'13.80"N,  34°29'12.17"E
140HHRichard OdhiamboNangoUDDT  EPP  0° 3'10.11"N,  34°30'28.61"E
141HHOdira AgekeNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°45'32.80"S,  34°17'13.59"E
142HHZacharia OrigaNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°45'58.35"S,  34°17'30.32"E
143HHLynette OnyandoNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°45'55.88"S,  34°17'35.00"E
144HHGirfaso OkothNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°45'49.99"S,  34°17'37.09"E
145HHAlice OdhiamboNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°45'53.75"S,  34°17'39.73"E
146HHHininek OtienoNdhiwaUDDT  EPP  0°46'45.88"S,  34°21'26.13"E
147HHElizabeth OmbogoNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'13.42"N,  34°24'31.59"E
148HHJael MbogoNyabedaUDDT  EPP 0° 7'29.45"N, 34°23'51.88"E
149HHJohn OyieraNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'11.71"N,  34°24'31.85"E
150HHSamuel OchiengNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'1.70"N,  34°24'56.52"E
151HHPhilgona OkeloNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'10.78"N,  34°24'32.52"E
152HHZaddock OnyangoNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'56.00"N,  34°24'54.80"E
153HHEdwin ObonyoNyabedaUDDT  EPP 0° 6'16.51"N,  34°26'48.68"E
154HHMeshack OgadaNyabedaUDDT  EPP 0° 7'59.37"N,  34°24'19.83"E
155HHJohn AnguraNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'54.01"N,  34°24'51.02"E
156HHIrene OwinoNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'38.31"N,  34°23'43.30"E
157HHWillis WesaNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'50.30"N,  34°24'9.17"E
158HHTom AruaNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'25.19"N,  34°24'10.72"E
159HHCharles MagawiNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'53.45"N,  34°24'58.77"E
160HHMathias AdhayaNyabedaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'30.26"N,  34°23'55.27"E
161HHPamela OdhiamboNyakachUDDT  EPP0°18'19.84"S,  34°58'55.17"E
162HHSolomon MisigoNyakachUDDT  EPP0°18'58.69"S,  34°58'34.11"E
163HHMonica Atieno OkothNyakachUDDT  EPP0°18'46.61"S,  34°56'45.35"E
164HHSamuel NyabolaNyakachUDDT  EPP0°18'49.45"S,  34°58'24.32"E
165HHJuliata OtienoNyakachUDDT  EPP0°20'8.69"S,  34°57'6.39"E
166HHShem IllahNyakachUDDT  EPP0°19'56.98"S,  34°56'32.32"E
167HHLudia OwuorNyakachUDDT  EPP0°19'34.57"S,  34°57'11.83"E
168HHMaurice JumaNyakachUDDT  EPP0°20'1.38"S,  34°56'25.43"E
169HHMartha OmondiNyakachUDDT  EPP0°19'48.61"S,  34°57'34.85"E
170HHJoseph NyamoloNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°19'52.90"S,  34°57'18.76"E
171HHTobias OlangNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°22'44.12"S,  34°58'32.74"E
172HHSabastian AetonyoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°23'38.61"S,  34°57'48.16"E
173HHBoaz Odima OnyangoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°23'22.07"S,  34°57'29.30"E
174HHPhanuel OndiekNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°23'21.75"S,  34°57'31.13"E
175HHMeshack AbieroNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°19'49.45"S,  34°57'2.10"E
176HHMahatma OketchNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°19'28.39"S,  34°57'9.81"E
177HHEliud OcholaNyakachUDDT  EPP 0°18'40.40"S,  34°58'38.12"E
178HHMargaret OunoNyakachUDDT  EPP 0°18'46.93"S,  34°58'13.84"E
179HHSilas OnyangoNyakachUDDT  EPP 0°23'20.68"S,  34°57'28.41"E
180HHMary KaluoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°22'16.68"S,  34°56'2.99"E
181HHJared O. NgielaNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°19'17.68"S,  34°57'8.51"E
182HHNyolo P. YogoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°18'45.4"S,  34°54'17.9"E
183HHSamson O. OjuondoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°18'56.72"S,  34°56'56.04"E
184HHDalmas OsedoNyakachUDDT  EPP  0°19'57.70"S,  34°57'19.91"E
185HHMama MwajumaNyamasariaUDDT  EPP 0° 7'2.41"S,  34°47'14.22"E
186HHJohn Onyango AkumuNyamasariaUDDT  EPP 0° 6'56.23"S,  34°47'17.82"E
187HHRichard Omodhi NyaoroNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'10.56"S,  34°47'53.38"E
188HHTom AtudoNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'1.37"S,  34°47'38.88"E
189HHGeorge Omiti OwuorNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'25.21"S, 34°47'53.86"E
190HHSilpa Atieno RaoNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 8'5.84"S,  34°47'35.86"E
191HHNoah Arodi NyagolNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'7.85"S,  34°47'13.59"E
192HHTaco OgaloNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'6.27"S,  34°48'16.30"E
193HHDr. JowiNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'44.84"S,  34°48'12.67"E
194HHBenter AtienoNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 6'46.24"S,  34°46'44.38"E
195HHBenter OkolNyamasariaUDDT  EPP  0° 7'42.75"S,  34°47'17.58"E
196HHMargaret A. NyakindaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 28' 08.1'' S, 034 39' 11.0'' E
197HHPaul A. OtulaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 28' 00.4'' S, 034 39' 10.7'' E
198HHSara A. BoloRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 25' 50.1'' S, 034 38' 10.5'' E
199HHPamela KiokoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 27' 02.1'' S, 034 38' 42.5'' E
200HHRisper AkinyiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 26' 51.6'' S, 034 38' 44.2'' E
201HHDaniel O. KawaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 27' 40.6'' S, 034 39' 22.9'' E
202HHJemima A. OcholaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 27' 41.6'' S, 034 39' 33.5'' E
203HHIsabela A. OngoroRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 26' 17.4'' S, 034 37' 38.8'' E
204HHPamela A. OchiengRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 25' 12.3'' S, 034 37' 34.5'' E
205HHChristine OdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 25' 16.7'' S, 034 37' 42.8'' E
206HHPenina Auma AneyaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 25' 49.2'' S, 034 37' 34.2'' E
207HHLucy A. AchilaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 25' 47.8'' S, 034 37' 51.0'' E
208HHJosephine A. OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 26' 07.1'' S, 034 38' 06.9'' E
209HHLea A. OusoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 26' 12.3'' S, 034 38' 36.2'' E
210HHMary Akeyo OkothRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 11.6'' S, 034 40' 22.9'' E
211HHLinet Achieng OdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 25.4'' S, 034 40' 10.2'' E
212HHHelen Auma OsumbaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 28.4'' S, 034 40' 14.9'' E
213HHRachel A. OwinyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 35.9'' S, 034 40' 17.4'' E
214HHSusan Amolo OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 44.6'' S, 034 40' 16.0'' E
215HHTom Waore SimbaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 42.2'' S, 034 40' 18.4'' E
216HHSusan Atieno OwuorRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 46.7'' S, 034 40' 28.4'' E
217HHTobias Otieno AmuomRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 51.5'' S, 034 40' 43.7'' E
218HHRobert Mumbo AmuomRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 55.5'' S, 034 40' 49.0'' E
219HHPamela Achieng OjwangRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 22' 51.8'' S, 034 40' 04.0'' E
220HHMoses SirawaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 30.5'' S, 034 40' 29.3'' E
221HHYonah Omollo MiyayiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 25.1'' S, 034 40' 31.8'' E
222HHRichard Ochieng MiyayiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 26.0'' S, 034 40' 31.0'' E
223HHJackton Omita AbokRachuonyoUDDT  EPP00 23' 39.7'' S, 034 40' 23.9'' E
224HHMonica NgonRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'57.22"S,  34°37'59.72"E
225HHEsther AdoyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'58.27"S,  34°38'0.64"E
226HHElizabeth OnyuongoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'57.79"S,  34°37'38.59"E
227HHJanet OwanoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'7.78"S,  34°37'38.05"E
228HHEverline OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'46.40"S,  34°37'57.72"E
229HHTabitha OdongoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'57.83"S,  34°38'13.29"E
230HHChristine AkeloRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'53.26"S,  34°38'3.21"E
231HHRuth N'gonRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'39.08"S,  34°37'50.21"E
232HHMary AbonyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'54.29"S,  34°37'43.40"E
233HHEsther OwalaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'49.50"S,  34°37'59.40"E
234HHGrace AkinyiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'8.59"S,  34°37'39.42"E
235HHEverline OngudiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'51.04"S,  34°37'46.19"E
236HHRisper ObadoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'3.01"S,  34°37'38.80"E
237HHKepha Amayo O.RachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'38.20"S,  34°37'57.98"E
238HHMary A. OwanoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'50.10"S,  34°37'34.51"E
239HHTabitha AmoyaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'50.99"S,  34°37'49.49"E
240HHElmad O. AbonyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'46.56"S,  34°37'47.10"E
241HHWilliam OdongoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'57.66"S,  34°37'52.79"E
242HHBeatrice GuduRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'54.05"S,  34°38'14.05"E
243HHGrace DanRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'0.39"S,  34°37'42.18"E
244HHDiana AnyangoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'43.95"S,  34°37'56.39"E
245HHDebora NyonjeRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'51.45"S,  34°38'2.41"E
246HHBen OndoroRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'57.58"S,  34°38'3.44"E
247HHElizabeth JoechRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'5.98"S,  34°38'3.51"E
248HHJerusa AtangaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'51.45"S,  34°38'2.41"E
249HHGeorge OluochRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'46.31"S,  34°37'35.84"E
250HHMargaret EllonRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'24.37"S,  34°37'48.11"E
251HHMary AtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'55.61"S,  34°37'59.97"E
252HHWillis OmondiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'0.15"S,  34°39'44.32"E
253HHRichard OdingoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'10.27"S,  34°39'35.82"E
254HHVallery OdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'4.46"S,  34°39'5.42"E
255HHCalvince OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'37.70"S,  34°38'19.22"E
256HHJanet OgaoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'1.35"S,  34°37'56.26"E
257HHOnduto OderoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'18.69"S,  34°40'26.56"E
258HHOdhiambo NdisiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'34.56"S,  34°38'18.48"E
259HHWilliam OkothRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'54.83"S,  34°39'57.08"E
260HHJoshua Owuor OkundiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'25.27"S,  34°37'58.57"E
261HHMiriam GorRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°26'28.95"S,  34°37'53.52"E
262HHJosiah AmayoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°21'23.71"S,  34°28'35.07"E
263HHPeter OdadaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°20'47.19"S,  34°30'8.24"E
264HHMonica OgosiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP 0°22'3.22"S,  34°28'48.25"E
265HHMaurice ObieroRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'32.14"S,  34°29'5.51"E
266HHNorah OgutuRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'46.08"S,  34°34'51.07"E
267HHJohn KobieroRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'12.36"S,  34°28'54.61"E
268HHSaul RegeRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°21'17.57"S,  34°33'19.80"E
269HHSusan MboyaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°21'49.02"S,  34°27'59.01"E
270HHRobert OnduttoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP0 22' 41.53'' S, 34 37' 58.46'' E
271HHBenson Nyang'iyeRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'24.62"S,  34°39'10.73"E
272HHJohnson MilanyaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'15.52"S,  34°38'27.41"E
273HHSara A. OkeyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'36.41"S,  34°38'42.71"E
274HHJanet W. AbongoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'20.18"S,  34°38'50.36"E
275HHPercy Ogada OkeyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'34.76"S,  34°38'43.45"E
276HHAloo Samson OdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'30.79"S,  34°38'43.41"E
277HHSuslia Akoth AkunoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'53.67"S,  34°39'26.56"E
278HHJuliana Aluoch OdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'4.51"S,  34°39'41.32"E
279HHCaroline KolaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'54.08"S,  34°39'30.71"E
280HHTurfosa RaoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°25'16.08"S,  34°40'5.71"E
281HHElida AdhiamboRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'26.57"S,  34°39'24.50"E
282HHRufu AnyangoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'42.59"S,  34°39'36.68"E
283HHSeth OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°21'55.13"S,  34°39'57.97"E
284HHRoda Atieno YugiRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°21'18.42"S,  34°40'5.18"E
285HHMaurice OmoloRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°26'31.41"S,  34°37'56.36"E
286HHDaniel OluochRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°20'55.29"S,  34°35'38.23"E
287HHPhellice AchiengRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'10.87"S,  34°39'2.38"E
288HHZakayo NyadimoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'35.93"S,  34°40'45.96"E
289HHTabitha OchumaRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'12.25"S,  34°40'24.78"E
290HHJoyce OkumuRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°23'43.38"S,  34°40'8.03"E
291HHCharles Ouma DibuorRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'12.55"S,  34°39'24.83"E
292HHJoyce ApiyoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'22.40"S,  34°37'49.53"E
293HHWilliam ObieroRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'21.53"S,  34°37'50.69"E
294HHRael OokoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°22'24.92"S,  34°37'52.47"E
295HHDorphin OtienoRachuonyoUDDT  EPP  0°24'16.61"S,  34°42'13.49"E
296HHTecla OtienoRamulaUDDT  EPP  0° 0'26.38"S,  34°30'39.43"E
297HHAnn OcholaRamulaUDDT  EPP  0° 0'26.74"S,  34°30'40.00"E
298HHJactone AkeloRamulaUDDT  EPP  0° 0'24.70"S,  34°30'32.38"E
299HHSospeter AjuogaRangweUDDT  EPP  0°35'36.09"S,  34°35'26.17"E
300HHPriscilla OyugiRangweUDDT  EPP  0°36'18.36"S,  34°34'11.90"E


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