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network contacts

Following you find a selected list of contacts who are actively engaged in ecosan promotion, construction, training, sensibilisation and praction. The majority of names and contacts were taken from the participants list of the two ecosan worksho here. and the Ecosan Promotion Project team. New active persons are welcome to be added. Please get in touch with ecosankenya@gmail.com . Further below you find the complete list of persons involved in the EU-Sida-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project and ROSA.

Ecosan consultants, trainers, companies, artisans (private sector)

NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
Moses WakalaEcosan consultantEcosanity+254 721 743 171
Wycliffe OsumbaEcosan consultantEcosanity+254 712 930 576
Margaret CokumuEcosan consultantEcosan consultantmcokumu@yahoo.com
Calasine IdewaEcosan consultant /Team leaderIntegrated Interventions to Alleviate Poverty in Kenya (ITAPK)calasine62@yahoo.com
Vincent MianoPrograms Director/
EcoSan consultant
Ecosan KenyaVincent.miano@ecosankenya.org
Emery SindaniEcosan consultantSusan Designemery@susan-design.org
Laura KraftEcosan consultantFree lancekraft_laura@yahoo.de
Paul MboyaEcosan monitoring officerStudentmboyapaul@gmail.com
Agnes NjugunaMillenium Environmental Solutions (MES)+254 715 269 267
Simon NduatiMillenium Environmental Solutions (MES)+254 722 420 878
James KiambatiREDSAN Companykiambatijames@yahoo.com
Nina HenningSC Johnsonnina.henning@gmail.com
Romas RadkeBiogas consultantAKUT Germanyradke@akut-umwelt.de
Gunter UllrichBiogas consultantAKUT Germanygunter@gtwu.de
Pradnya ThakurESF-India+91 986 7852 994
Martin WaflerEcosan consultantseeconmartin.wafler@seecon.ch
Johannes HeebEcosan consultantseeconJohannes.heeb@seecon.ch
Mr. OkwanyManaging directorComila construction company Ltd., Kisumu+254 722 273 288
Hannes MuntinghManaging DirectorBiogas Energy Solutions+254 (0)738 560 026
Peter GichdhiManaging directorBiopower System Limited+254 722 60 234
Benard OmiyoArtisan+254-(0)713398480
Peter OduorArtisan+254-(0)726 866 287
Michael OchiengArtisan+254-(0)710869621
Jeliph O. OsumbaArtisan+254-(0)717134354

NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations)
NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
Philip OtienoPLAN International+254 733 833 905
Frank MaritaPLAN International+254 722 524 167
Diyad Moulid HujaleExecutive DirectorArid Lands Development Focus (Aldef) Kenyaaldefpm@gmail.com
Adan A. HassanProject officerArid Lands Development Focus (Aldef) Kenya+254 725 368 377
Harry GuelkerCoordinatorGerman Red Cross (GRC)grcnbo-watsan@gmx.net
Edwin OrinaKenya Red Cross (KRC)+254 724 247 440
Julie KingslandKenya Rainwater Association (KRA)julie.kingsland@gharainwater.org
Josephine ThomehGerman Agro Actionnjerithomeh@yahoo.com
Kenneth OwadeSanergy+254 727 624 116
Nancy AtelloKenya Water for Health (KWAHO)+254 722 438 718
Rose NyawiraUCLTS coordinatorCommunity Cleaning Services+254 720 428 986

Governmental organisations and donors
NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
Patrick P. OnyangoSanitation Team LeaderGTZ-WSRP, Ministry of Water and Irrigation+254 721 172 661
Patrick OmbogoHead of reformsMinistry of Water and Irrigationpatrickombogo@yahoo.com
Christian RieckEcosan consultantGIZ Ecosan program Germanychristian.rieck@giz.de
Simon OkothSanitation Unit officerWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)+254 722 789 642
Julie MuwugaKenya Water Institute (KEWI)muwuga@yahoo.com
Simon MwanikiCommunity Development UnitAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)+254-(0)723975646
Loice KamauAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)kamau@awsboard.go.ke
M.M. MbingaAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)mmbinga@awsboard.go.ke
Dishon MurayaKenya Prision Departmentmyrayad@yahoo.com
Humphrey Kaburu
Community Environment Facility
CDTF (Community Development Trust Fund)+254 20 272799,
+254 733 701624
William MasoreMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)+254 728 085 801
John MungaiMinistry of Energy+254 733 871 397

Research and teaching (universities)
NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
James RaudeEcosan researcherEgerton University- ROSAramesso@yahoo.com
Yvonne MosetiEcosan consultantEgerton University, ROSA+254 721 278 868
Orodi OdhiamboEcosan lecturerCentre for International Capacity Development (CICD)johannes.orodi@iwmnet.eu
Nele FoerchProject coordinatorCentre for International Capacity Development (CICD), University of SiegenNele.foerch@uni-siegen.de
Joy RunguJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)+729 325 934

CBOs and community leaders
NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
Emily WalubengoCBO-LeaderMATUNGU SELF HELP (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)+254-(0)725066187
Susan MboyaCBO-Leader+254-(0)726641040
Elijah KituiCBO-Leader+254-(0)712416161
Samuel KiokCBO-LeaderNorth Kamenya Self Help Group (Rachuonyo)+254-(0)727728317
Moses MugahCBO-Leadermoses_ocholla@yahoo.com

Water and sanitation services provides (WSPs at municipal level)
NameFunction OrganisationContact (Email/Tel.)
Joshua OriaKisumu Water and Sewerage Companyoriaowino@gmail.com
Lawrence KatingaNyeri Water and Sewerage Companykatingali@yahoo.com
Joshua OriaKisumu Water and Sewerage Companyoriaowino@gmail.com
Lawrence KatingaNyeri Water and Sewerage Companykatingali@yahoo.com
John O. NtambareSiaya Bondo Water and Sewerage Company (SIBO)+254 734 315 330
Nicholas MabeaNithi Water and Sewerage Companynithiwasco@yahoo.com
Mohamed MainaThika Water co.Ltd+254 720 819 326
N. MugunaNairobi Water and Sewerage Company (NCWSC) +254 722 524 415
Daniel NgangaMuranga Water and Sanitation Company (MUWASCO)+254 721 626 795
Ambugo AntonySIBO Water and Sanitation+254 722 473 850
Antony AmbugoSIBO Water and Sewerage Company+254-(0)722473850
Moses NowigaMeru Water and Sewerage Companymnjiiri@yahoo.com
M. MutukaYatta Water & Seanitation Co. LTDyattawac@yahoo.com

Following in the list of all retrievable contacts that have been engaged in ecosan activities at various levels during the EU-Sida-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project and ROSA project.

Name FunctionOrganisation
GTZ  and ROSA members
Paul Patrick OnyangoEPP Project managerEU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Roland WerchotaGTZ Water Program ManagerMWI/ GTZ Water Sector Reform Program
Odhiambo Johannes OrodiEPP Communication officerEU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Moses WakalaEPP Sanitation officer Western Province EU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Wycliffe OsumbaEPP Sanitation officer Nyanza Province EU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Watako DavidEPP Sanitation Ugenya District EU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Paul MboyaMonitoring EEP (Kenya)EU-SIDA-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project (EPP)
Laura KraftROSA project research, EPP consultantROSA Project Nakuru, EPP
Dr. Günter Langergraber Coordinator ROSA ProjectROSA Project, BOKU
Dr. Benedict Mwavu MutuaTechnical Expert ROSA Project/Egerton University
James RaudeTechnical Expert ROSA Project/Egerton University
Edward W. MuchiriTechnical Expert ROSA Project/Egerton University
Owando Kennedy OdhiamboTechnical Expert ROSA Project Nakuru
Agnes M. MugureSociologistROSA Project Nakuru
Raphael Mwaura GacheiyaROSA Project CoordinatorROSA Project Nakuru
Yvonne Kemuma MosetiTechnical ExpertROSA Project Nakuru
Dr. Steve OmondiResearcherROSA Project Nakuru
Ministry of Water and Irrigation
Rose NgureAD/ SanitationMinistry of Water and Irrigation (MWI)
Patrick OmbogoHead of reformsMinistry of Water and Irrigation (MWI)
Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation
Kepha Ombacho Chief Public Health OfficerMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)
Kariuki John G.Deputy Chief Public Health officerMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)
Antonio MemusaMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)
Joel NkakoMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)
William MasoreMinistry of Public Health and Sanitation (MOPHS)
Ministry of Education
Dorothy KaragoMinistry of Education
John C.KamaniMinistry of Education
Roger BonnahMinistry of Education 
Ministry of Energy
John MungaiMinistry of Energy
Ministry of Agriculture
Stephen Kibet RonoInformation Acquisition & Processing OfficerMinistry of Agriculture
Ministry of Regional Development Authorities
William O. OgolaMinistry of Regional Development Authorities (MORDA) 
Water sector institutions 
Eng. Samuel MbachiaService Monitoring EngineerAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Kenneth OwuochaEconomistAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Loice KamauSanitation officer Athi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Emily M. KilongiSociologistAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Daniel MbuguaCommunity dev. OfficerAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Francis MwauraCommunity dev. OfficerAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Simon ManikiCommunity dev. OfficerAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Mutemi .M. MbingaAthi Water Services Board (AWSB)
Tana Water Services Board (TWSB)
Northern Water Services Board (NWSB)
Rift Valley Water Services Board (RVWSB)
Eng. Diru MagomereChief Executive OfficerLake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB)
Claude BusieneyTechnical Services ManagerLake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB)
Isaac RutoSanitation officer Lake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB)
Mrs. NellyCommunity dev. OfficerLake Victoria North Water Services Board (LVNWSB)
Eng. M.O. OchiengChief Executive OfficerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Joseph OmoloAsset managerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Jacob MwakioWSP ManagerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Mr. ObaeProcurement ManagerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Mr. Daniel ObumbaCommunity dev. OfficerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Mr. Joseph ShyanguyaCommunity dev. OfficerLake Victoria South Water Services Board (LVSWSB)
Jane Ole SeinWSP ManagerTanathi Water Services Board (TAWSB)
A.M. Ndigno Community Project ManagerTanathi Water Services Board (TAWSB)
Mr. KelunyoCommunity dev. OfficerTanathi Water Services Board (TAWSB)
Mrs. RoseCommunity dev. OfficerTanathi Water Services Board (TAWSB)
Coast Water Services Board (CWSB)
Mr. Han SeurGTZ AdvisorWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Ms. Sheila KarimiSociologistWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Mrs. Eden MatiWSTF officerWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Violet MucheniCommunity Development officerWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Simon OkothSanitation officer Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Mr. John O. OrwaDeputy Technical Manager - UrbanWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Phanuel Mucheni MatsesheHydrogeologist and Community Management SpecialistWater Services Trust Fund (WSTF)
Julie MuwugaSanitation researcherKenya Water Institute (KEWI)
Water service providers 
Eng. Munguna Coordinator Informal Settlement UnitNairobi Water Company
Ms. Celestine SociologistNairobi Water Company
Alice Moraa OnserioHuman Resource & Administration ManagerKisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO)
Eng. David OnyangoManaging DirectorKisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO)
Joshua OriaKisumu Water and Sewerage Company (KIWASCO)
Lucas M. WahinyaManaging DirectorKikuyu Water Company LTD
Lawrence KatingaNyeri Water and Sewerage Company
Michael Y.Mang'eli Managing DirectorMavok Water & Sewerage Company (MAVASCO)
Jesse AmbundoTechnical ManagerMavok Water & Sewerage Company (MAVASCO)
Anne MwangiManaging DirectorOloolaiser Water and Sewerage Company Ltd.
John O. NtambareSiaya Bondo Water and Sewerage Company (SIBO)
Ambugo AntonySiaya Bondo Water and Sewerage Company (SIBO)
Nicholas MabeaNithi Water and Sewerage Company
Gabriel KinaiyaTown ClerkMunicipality Council of Kakamega
Eglay TsumaCastomer ManagerWestern Water Services Company
P.M. NjaggahManaging DirectorWestern Water Services Company
Philip O. AdundoTown ClerkMunicipality Council of Kitui
Christine KwithongaManaging DirectorKitui Water and Sanitation Co.
John KametaTechnical Manager Kitui Water and Sanitation Co.
Peter WawireManaging DirectorKapsabet Water Company
Gilbert RotitichTechnical Manager Kapsabet Water Company
Eliath KilakoiManaging DirectorNolturesh Water Company
Steven NgugiCastomer ManagerNolturesh Water Company
Mr. James GichanaManaging DirectorNaivasha Water, Sewerage & Sanitation Company Ltd. 
Mohamed MainaThika Water co.Ltd
Daniel NgangaMuranga Water abn Sanitation Company (MUWASCO)
Moses NowigaMeru Water and Sewerage Company
M. MutukaYatta Water & Seanitation Co. LTD
Other governmental institutions 
Benjamin LangwenNational Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
Joseph MerulluKenya Agriculture Research Centre (KARI)
Jack OudaEditor in ChiefKenya Agriculture Research Centre (KARI)
Isaya V. SijaliIrrigation and drainage specialistKenya Agriculture Research Centre (KARI)
Dishon MurayaOfficerKenya Prision Department
Inter-governmental institutions 
Patrick MwangiSr. Water and Sanitation SpecialistWSP - Africa - Kenya
Dennis MwanzaSr. Water and Sanitation SpecialistWSP - Africa - Kenya
Fred DondeUNICEF
Kasyima KivunzyoCommunity Development ManagerCommunity Development Trust Fund (CDTF)
Hillary MusyokaCommunity Development Trust Fund (CDTF)
Humphrey KaburuCommunity Development Trust Fund (CDTF)
Kristoffen WelsienWorld Food Program
Involved donor agencies 
Evans MundiaProject Administrator at GTZ office NairobiGerman Technical Cooperation (GTZ)
Sanne WillemsProgramme Manager
Infrastructure Section
Delegation of the European Commission to
the Republic of Kenya
Anna TufvessonSenior Programme Officer, Water & SanitationSwedish International Development Agency (SIDA)
Non-governmental institutions 
Eelke van der Werf Programme ManagerSolid House Foundation (SHF)
Josephine ThomehGerman Agro Action
Beth KaranjaNETWAS International
Cathrine MwangoExecutive DirectorKenya Water For Health Organisation (KWAHO)
Nancy AtelloKenya Water For Health Organisation (KWAHO)
Kariuki MugoWSUP Project ManagerWater & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)
Ester WaikuruCommunity OrganiserMaji na Ufanisi (MNU)
Suraj SudhakarPeepoople
Patrick MwanziaROSA Partner, Implementation and FinancingPractical action Nakuru
Nicholas NgeceVolunteers for Africa
Alex R. OduorProgramme Officer - InformationWorld Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF)
Watershed management
Samuel MusyokiPlan International 
Philip OtienoPlan International 
Frank MaritaPlan International 
Rose NyawiraCo-ordinatorHuman Rights Cities (HRC)
Joseph KimaniPamoja Trust
David CroswellerWherever the Need
Julie KingslandKenya Rainwater Assoc. (KRA)
Edwin OrinaKenya Red Cross
Harry GuelkerKenya Red Cross
Isabella KathambiProgramme OfficerHabit for Humanity Kenya
Diyad M. HujaleProgramme ManagerArid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)
Adam A. HassanArid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)
Dr Arudo, Tobias Opiyo (PhD)? (is working for Kenyatta University)Capacity Building, research and Awareness Programme (CABURAP) 
Emery Yaolema SindaniLocal project coordinatorSustainable Sanitation Design
Construction companies
Opar FrancisManaging DirectorZESAC, Association of biogas contractors of Kenya (abc-k)
Mr. Gabrial OparConsultant, ContractorContractor ZESAC
Dave OtienoComila Construction Company
Joshua OngoroComila Construction Company
Kennedy Ochieng AkinaComila Construction Company
Ogutu Moses OlelComila Construction Company
Samuel OdhiamboComila Construction Company
Mr. OkwanyManaging DirectorComila Construction Company
Mr. KogiraArtisanComila Construction Company
Tukiko OgemboComila Construction Company
Hannes MuntinghManaging DirectorBiogas Energy Solutions
Peter GichdhiProject EngineerBiopower System Limited
Joash OmondiGulf Agricultural Developers & Consultants
Soida Barasa Construction EngineerIntegrated Biogas Systems Africa (IBSA)
Eng. J.M. Zachariah, HSCManaging DirectorBinlaw
Consulting companies, consultants and university (apart from GTZ and ROSA staff) 
Calasine Idewatrainer, private consultant 
Margaret Cokumutrainer, private consultant 
Vincent Karanja MianoRegistered Ecosan ExpertEcoSan Kenya
Sanford KombeABContractors Ltd., Tanzania
David KuriaChief Executiveecotact
Dr. Johannes Heebseecon international, Switzerland
Pradnya ThakurHead ProjectsEcosan Services Foundation (ESF-India)
Pravinjith Managing DirectorParadigm, India
Edward K.Kung'uDipl. Arch (NIT)Maestro Architects LTD
Joy RunguJomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)
Nele FörchProgramm coordinatorCentre for International Capacity Development (CICD), University of Siegen
Other companies
Joseph NjengaCommunity Cleaning Services
Rose NyawiraCommunity Cleaning Services
Kenneth OwadeSanergy
Ambition Enterprises
Peter KerichKhetia Drappers (Hardware supplier, Western)
Tom MukhekheMukhekhe Hardware
AustinImani Hardware
Vincent OduolBusiness Mondial LTD
Michael OderoDesh Traders
Francis OtholGradino Hardware
Glory shop (Bungoma)
Mukhekhe Hardware (Bungoma)
Bondo Rafiki Hardware
Dinesh S. HiraniBranch Sales ManagerLaxcon Hardware & Spares Limited
Preetas R. VekariaDirectorMetrix Hardware Limited
Ramesh V. HiraniManaging DirectorSILVERSPREAD HARDWARES Limited
Catherine K. MaoreSales RepresentativeMathis Services
Harbhajan GahirGahir Engineering Work Ltd.
Paul MadocMarketingKentainers
Daniel WangaManager ProductionKentainers
Chanda Shah ChairmenKentainers
Fara WalijiMarketing directorKentainers
Vincent Ojung'aPartnerThiring'inyi
Penina OlumVaughan LTD
Hamisi J. BusakhoManaging DirectorFORBIZ ENTERPRISES LTD.
Emrod E. Ngonya ManagerHomecare & Hardware Ltd
Heena Shahasl limited trading division
Charles Etale ButikoResearch DirectorGreen Scietekplus [GSP]
Amos MutaliRenewable Energy SalesChloride Exide (K) Limited
Agnes NjugunaMillenium Environmental Solutions (MES)
Simon NduatiMillenium Environmental Solutions (MES)
James KiambatiREDSAN Company
Media people 
Josephine WaretaKenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC)
Joy WnjaDaily Nation
Simon NdoujaCapital FM
Stella OluoKenya Broadcasting Cooperation (KBC)
Trained artisans for UDDT construction
Benard OmiyoUDDT
Jeliph O. OsumbaUDDT
Michael OchiengUDDT
Elijah Oyugi OmiyoUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Maurice Ondego OmangoUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Elijah Njenge AdudaUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Thomas OtienoUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Dalmus Akuku AolUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Caleb Odonyo OsanoUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Bernhard Ochiengo OmiyoUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Herzron OmolloUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Philip OchiengUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Billy OchiengUDDT construction in Nyanza South
Elijah Onyango OuroUDDT construction in Nyanza South
George NyamgeroUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Jesca OmolloUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Kennedy AkinaUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Peter AchilaUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Elkana AmungaUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Thommas Ong’ang’aUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Vincent Ochieng’UDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Obong’ OduolUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Joseph KinyuaUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Peter OduorUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Oduor WandeiUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Thommas OmoroUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Michael GwenaUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Shem JaokoUDDT construction Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo
Yona WekesaUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Eeic MatumbaiUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Elija kituiUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Jaugenya OdhiamboUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Adams MasindeUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Dickson OmondiUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Wekesa RichardUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Joel MakoeUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Lwakuka FredUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Emmanuel wekesaUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Simon MaseteUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Justus masindeUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Namaswa WangilaUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Nandemu JohnUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Solomon wangilaUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Sammy SoreUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
George AraoUDDT construction Bungoma,Mumias
Moses Mugah    CBO leader
Susan MboyaCBO leader
Elijah KituiCBO leader
Isaac MubukusuKULISINANU CBO (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Martin wanyonyiRUCEBO CBO (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Opar GabrielMUKHWEYA. B CBO (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Emily WalubengoMATUNGU SELF HELP (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Timothy mundiaKITALE CLUSTER(Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Mr OdeoMWALIE CBO (Bungoma, Mumias, Kitale)
Joshua OduolRambula Magoya Development Network (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Joshua OduolRambula Magoya Christian Water Users Irrigation Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Joshua OduolWest Uholo Water Users irrigation Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Yuanita ObieroNyimine Women group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Amina RashidAbakhana be Ihale Women group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Kilion OlugaRid Wiyi CBO (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Mr. OgosOpap Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Mr OgosHaco Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Andrew OyungaJorit Kiye Papboro (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Andrew OyungaBet Gi Kwe Monde Liete (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Michael OwinoMbaga jirani Self-help Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Peter AchilaBwaja Self Help Group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Vincent OjungaKohowa Yamo Oloko (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Evans Magwe Vibrant kuria self Help group (Ugenya, Rarieda, Bondo)
Samuel KiokoNorth Kamenya Self Help Group (Rachuonyo)
Joshua Okundi Dirom Self Help Group (Rachounyo)
Charles OukoNYOMINDI SELF HELP GROUP (Rachuonyo)
Elsa AmayoTanglweti Women Group (Rachuonyo)
Pamela KolaUoendo Women Group (Rachuonyo)
Philip OchiengAgongo Self Help Group (Homa Bay)
Boazo OnyangoKatwende Self Help Group (Nyakach)
Elija Oyugi OmiyaKamenya North Self Help Group
Robert Mumbo AmuomNYOMINDI SELF HELP GROUP (Rachuonyo)
Caren OdekKanyonje Women Group (Rachuonyo)
Kadoma Self Help Group (Rongo)
Mr. Asiago Nyakrendi Water Project (Ndhiwa)
Mr OkottChesela Women Group (Nyakach)
Richard OmondiNyamasaria Community (Kisumu East)
Other interested individuals
Richard Mugo IrunguStudent
Mr. MontembeiOfficer in chargeMeru GK Prison
Mr. LoktariDeputy officer in chargeMeru GK Prison
Mr. KomeAgricultural officerMeru GK Prison
Mr. MuraiyaOfficer traineeMeru GK Prison
Mr. KiambatiOfficer traineeMeru GK Prison
Mrs. Naomi NjithiaPrincipleGachoire Girls High School
Mrs. GithiomiDeputyGachoire Girls High School
Mr. Meshack AbienoKachan Primary School
Mr. James GichanaManaging DirectorNaivasha Bus Park
Mrs. Jane MuregeTechnial ManagerNaivasha Bus Park
Mrs. PaulineCafe owner (biogas)Naivasha Bus Park
Mr. KamauPlumberNaivasha Bus Park
Mr. James MuyaToilet operator- CBO Chairman
(Banda Livestock Self Help Group)
Naivasha Bus Park
Mr. Joseph MwangiToilet operator  Naivasha Bus Park
Mrs. NyamburaToilet operatorNaivasha Bus Park
Mrs. NaomiToilet operatorNaivasha Bus Park
Mr. IlaaOlembo Primary School
Mrs. Peres Beach Management Unit ChairladyLuanda Kotenio Beach
Mrs. Kabonyo Dep. PrincipalSt. Mary's Lwak Girls High School
George Ombewa Dep. PrincipalRaliew Mixed Secondary School
Elmedda AnyangoNduru Primary School
Maurice OgutuRamba Boys High School
Mrs. Colleta Okoth Dep. PrincipalSt. Francis Rang'ala Girls High School
Mr. FerdinandUgunja Market
Omondi Wanga PrincipalAmbira Boys High School
Elly Guna Kendu Muslim Mixed Sec. School
PrincipalKaurine Primary School
John Abuom PrincipalChianda Boys High School


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