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Public toilets in Kenya with ecosan concept

Table: List of ecosan facilities at public places in Kenya. The list is not inclusive of all existing ecosan facilities in Kenya. If you know other projects, please send the project details to ecosankenya@gmail.com.

Tech. (technologies) UDDT - Urine diversion dehydration toilet, Biogas - Biogas settler/ digester, ABR - Anaerobic Baffled Reactor
Nb. (number of toilets) f - flush toilets, p - pour flush toilets, s - showers, mu - male urinals, fu - female urinals
Com. (company and consultants) who have implemented the facility
Fina. (financed by) EPP (EU-Sida-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project), ROSA (EU funded Resource-Orientated Sanitation concepts for peri-urban areas in Africa), self - self-financed
GPS Coordi. (Global Positioning System Coordinates) - enables you to find the exact location

 User Name  Area Tech.Nb. Com. Fina. GPS Coord.
1ChurchSt. Luke Catholic churchBudalangiUDDTEPP0 4' 12.89'' N, 33 59' 34.29'' E
2ChurchGrace Community ChurchBungomaUDDTEPP00 43' 25.3'' N, 034 34' 26.1'' E
3PublicURWEP OfficeBungomaUDDTEPP  0°46'54.85"N,  34°27'12.52"E
4PublicWissop officeBungomaUDDTEPP  0°46'54.85"N,  34°27'12.52"E
5PublicEmbu RWIKA SACCOEmbuUDDTEPP0 36' 52.91'' S, 37 30' 15.44'' E
6SharedKericho Unilever EstateKerichoUDDTEPP00 24' 26.7'' N, 035 14' 20.0'' E
7PublicModogashe Chief's CampLagderaUDDTEPP00 43' 53.5'' N, 039 10' 34.3'' E
8PublicModogashe DCLagderaUDDTEPP00 43' 49.5'' N, 039 10' 30.6'' E
9PublicMeru GK PrisonMeruUDDTEPP0 3' 10.74'' N, 37 38' 46.65'' E
10PrisonMeru GK PrisonMeruBiogas, ABR,  pond4p,10fWakala, ZESAC, Granite Rock EPP  0° 3'8.94"N,  37°38'46.34"E
11PublicNaivasha Bus Park Public Toilet with Water KioskNaivashaBiogas7p,1mu,2sBiomaida, Wakala, NAIVAWASSWSTF  0°42'53.82"S,  36°25'58.64"E
12ChurchBar Owang' SDA churchNangoUDDTEPP  0° 4'10.34"N,  34°29'12.30"E
13PublicNyakrende water pointNdhiwaUDDTEPP  0°45'48.82"S,  34°17'46.91"E
14PublicMiro ACKNyabedaUDDTEPP  0° 7'31.03"N,  34°23'19.90"E
15ChurchNyabeda ACK ChurchNyabedaUDDTEPP  0° 7'47.66"N,  34°24'21.40"E
16ChurchChrist Int. Church NyabondoNyakachUDDTEPP  0°23'28.49"S,  34°57'33.91"E
17ChurchChrist International ChurchNyakachUDDTEPP  0°23'3.07"S, 34°57'12.79"E
18PublicRambula chief's campUgenyaUDDTEPP00 12' 31.8'' N, 034 18' 11.0'' E
19PublicRambula Community LibraryUgenyaUDDTEPP00 12' 32.9'' N, 034 18' 27.4'' E
20PublicUgunja Market Public Toilet with Water KioskUgunjaBiogas, ABR7p,1mu,2sGULF, WakalaEPP  0°10'46.84"N,  34°17'41.42"E
21PublicWajir GK PrisonWajirUDDTEPP1 44' 55.38'' N, 40 3' 36.87'' E
22ChurchMadiri SDA churchYala TownshipUDDTEPP  0° 6'23.35"N,  34°32'11.79"E
23PublicLuanda Kotenio Landing BayBondoBiogas, ABR7p,1mu,2sComila, WakalaEPP  0°23'7.07"S,  34°16'56.37"E


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