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Maps of ecosan projects in Kenya

posted by Christian Rieck (GIZ)

The GTZ sustainable sanitation program has been active in utilising the available data from the EU-Sida-GTZ Ecosan Promotion Project for purposes of follow up activities, monitoring, evaluation and knowledge sharing. One result are maps based on the GPS (Global Positioning System) Data collected from each household toilet, school and public toilet project. Soon we will be able to make the maps available to you.

The following screenshots show an example of the information contained in the maps. On the right you have the legend showing the different pins (mark ups) used to show each project. You see the following categories - UDDT household, UDDT public, UDDT school, DEWATS public and DEWATS school.

Overall view of projects

Western and Nyanza Province (with most of ecosan units)
Chwele cluster

Butere Mumias cluster

Siaya-Yala-Ugunja cluster
Ramba-Lwak-Bondo cluster

Kisumu cluster

Nyabondo cluster

Kendu Bay cluster

Rangwe-Rongo cluster

Zoomed in view:
Household UDDT toilets around the town of
Malanga (Siaya district) with road map display
School UDDT toilets around the town of Malanga (Siaya district) with satellite display

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