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Ecosan network Kenya is a loose network of interested ecosan practitioners, fans and other interested people in productive sanitation. It is based on the work of the EU-SIDA-GTZ EcoSan Promotion Project (EPP) that was running from 11.2007 until 05.2010 under the GTZ water program located at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Maji House in Nairobi. After the end of the EPP the GTZ ecosan program in Germany decided to further support ecosan activities in Kenya. Hence this Blog was created to provid a platform for everybody interested in ecological sanitation to exchange ideas to communicate events and to present ecosan projects with the aim to strengthen the ecosan movement in Kenya and East Africa.

We welcome everybody to join as an contributor (author). Please forward your interest to ecosankenya@gmail.com . You will need a gmail or googlemail address to post your stories and announcements.


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