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Ecosan Workshops in Ugunja and Nairobi

Dear ecosan fans, friends and colleagues!

We had two very fruitful and successful workshops in Nairobi and Ugunja . During the Ecosan Capacity Development Workshop in Ugunja (Monday 20th September to Friday 24th September) we had the chance to visit different pilot projects in Ugunja, Mumias and Nakuru.
For some of our participants it was the first time to see a working ecosan toilet. And many were surprised how much the farmers appreciate their ecosan toilets. One of the participants told me it was amazing how people use the ecosan products to improve their agricultural production.

Public toilet at the Ugunja market (DEWATS-System)

Double door Urine-Diversion Dehydration Toilet (UDDT) with attached shower in Mumias

During the following two days I enjoyed the interesting presentations, group works and especially the role plays on topics like Community Participation, CLTS, Social Marketing and Financing.

Participants during workshop in Ugunja

The exchange of information within the group was very enriching and educative as the participants came from different backgrounds and different countries. I realised how important knowledge and information exchange is as for many participants this workshop was like an eye opener and it helped them to understand ecosan and its benefits much better.

Group picture of participants Ecosan Capacity Building Workshop in Ugunja

The Ecosan Vision Workshop on 27th September in Nairobi was out of the ordinary with its “World CafĂ©” arrangements where participants were allowed to take notes on the paper covered table as you can see in the picture below.

Participants during the Ecosan VisionWorkshop in Nairobi

It was enjoyable to watch everybody busy writing on the tables and having discussions during group works. The output was very creative and I look forward for the final reports by our facilitator Johannes Heeb and Martin Wafler from Switzerland.

Group picture Ecosan Vision Workshop Nairobi

I am grateful to our presenters during the workshops who were willing to share their knowledge and experience. I further would like to thank all participants, the facilitators from India and Switzerland and last but not least GTZ-Ecosan in Germany for giving us the chance to link up with different people and exchange knowledge and ideas about ecosan in Kenya. It was a great experience to organise the two workshops and it was very motivating and inspiring for me.
Asante sana!

More pictures under: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gtzecosan/collections/72157616752316076/

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