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Sanitation + Energy = Sanergy!

Edited by Xizi Ling (GIZ)
Sanergy is a NGO led by international and Kenyan students, that aims at building sustainable sanitation in urban slums. The groups aims to generate renewable energy through providing clean sanitation services in countries that desperately lack both. They build and franchise low cost sanitation centers to local entrepreneurs in previously unreachable urban slum communities. The waste, from their network of sanitation centers, is transported to their centralized processing facility. Using proven technologies, waste are converted into electricity and organic fertilizer which can be sold to the grid and the commercial farms. They also build low cost toilet for less than 200 Dollars per unit which is a thin-shell pre-cast concrete assembly. See also links below.

Video on how the sanergy sanitation system works?

Turn on the lights from Ani Vallabhaneni on Vimeo.

It consists of a number students from MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambrigde, USA and other motivated Kenyans.

Through each action, Sanergy creates jobs, opportunity, and profit, while simultaneously addressing serious social needs and tapping a market potential of $25M in Kenya alone.
MIT Sloan school, Babson College and many motivated Kenyans. The MIT Sloan School of Management, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), is one of the world’s leading business schools — conducting cutting-edge research and providing management education to top students from more than 60 countries.

Read more about Sanergy related to Ecosan on their new blog http://saner.gy/ and the old one http://kenyasanergy.blogspot.com/. Kenneth Owade from Sanergy had also participated in the ecosan workshop last year in Nairobi. See a few examples of their great work here:

Lunga Lunga! Hip Hip Hooray!
Flying toilet? NO!!!   Eco-toilet?    YES!!!
Pilot site of UDDT been constructed in Lunga Lunga! Our toilet in Lunga Lunga is on the grounds of a Bridge International Academies school. Bridge is a social enterprise that’s building low-cost (i.e., $4/month), high-quality private primary schools in the slums.

New Sanergy Toilet at the school 
The squat plate lifts up for easy access to the collection barrels
Click here to the gallery! 

Painting Kibera Blue
Another eco-toilet has been built in Kibera!
See how the toilet comes into reality:

 Before: A lack of waste management has turned Kibera into a landfill

 After: Ready for business!
More photos? Click here! 

Pedal Powered Poop Pump
Worlds first pedal powered poop pump:
The Sanergy Cycle -- A better way to empty pit latrines.

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