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Double vault UDDTs for pastoralist communities in Narok South, Kenya

Posted by Leonie Kappauf (GIZ) with information provided by Richard Napper (Wherever the Need)

The British charity Wherever the Need and the Kenyan Rainwater Association (KRA) have constructed double vault urine diversion dehydration toilets (UDDTs) in Narok South Kenya. The UDDT construction is part of a project targeting a population of 3,000 through the provision of a large rainwater collection reservoir, a small livelihood opportunity, a tree nursery and improved sanitation facilities. The two combined UDDTs and bathrooms are located next to the reservoir as part of the auxiliary facilities. It is estimated that they will attract around 200 users weekly. 

Combined UDDT and bathroom under construction
The project location is approximately 140 kilometres west of Nairobi, where open defecation is common among the Ildungisho community.  Aim of the toilet construction was to reduce water contamination through open defecation as well as through bathing and washing clothes inside the households’ water source. Awareness creation about the relationship between unhygienic sanitation, water quality and the transmission of water borne diseases is part of the project. 

Urine diversion squatting pan
The project has taken into account the cultural beliefs and traditions of the Maasai community at the project site and has provided gender separated toilets and bathrooms. The Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation will be involved in the community training, advocating improved sanitation and hygiene practices, which is expected to increase the projects sustainable impact on sanitation and hygiene practices in the area.

Access to bathroom (right) and faeces chambers (left)

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