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ECOSAN supported National School Health Policy and Guidelines

On 5th of August 2009, a launch of the National School Health Policy and Guidelines was held in Nairobi. ECOSAN could support and advice the preparation of the guidelines with experiences made in the ecological sanitation project. The development of the Policy and Guidelines was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation (MoPHS) and the Ministry of Education. Amongst others, GTZ supported the project in a technical and financial manner, in particular the incorporation of Human Rights and Gender principles, Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) aspects, personal hygiene and sanitation into the policy and guidelines. GTZ has been enganged in a comprehensive school health programme in 40 schools in Thika district in Kenya to improve personal hygiene and sanitation. This project focused on improvement of personal hygiene and sanitation in more than 40 schools. The policy and implementation guidelines have been influenced by experiences made in this project and by lessons learned from the water sector and the ECOSAN projects (also supported by GTZ). Thus it appears that ECOSAN contributes to health and hygiene of pupils and teachers.

Poster of the Launch of the National School Health Policy and Guidelines
(source: Ruth Atieno GTZ 2009)
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