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News service "Sanitation updates" reports and posts video about school sanitation in Kenya by EPP

To improve sanitation conditions at schools like Ramba High School in Kenya, GTZ’s EcoSan Promotion Project (EPP) has constructed Urine Diverting Dehydrating Toilets (UDDTs). Out of this project the documentary "Promoting Ecological Sanitation in Kenya" was produced by EPP. A describtion of the project as well as an excerpt of this school sanitation video are posted now on "sanitation updates", a platform from IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre (Dutch) and by USAID´s to share news on sanitation (to see the post on "sanitation updates" please click here). The project seems to be of interest for the international surrounding!

The video below shows the excerpt from the documentary “Promoting Ecological Sanitation in Kenya” by the EU-SIDA-GTZ EcoSan Promotion Project:

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