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Eldoret Education Centre UDDT toilet

by Moses Wakala (posted through C.Rieck)

Community projects initiated during consultancy and other ecosan activities
During this period of consultancy (funded by GTZ sustainable sanitation - ecosan program - Germany), a number of sensitization and awareness creation meetings have been done within the country. This was aimed at capacity building and ecosan advocacy within different people. This has yielded positive results within the region promoting ecological sanitation practices. As a result, a number of projects have sprouted with local funding from individuals and government as a replication of what was promoted in EPP. The following selected example is a project that I have seen started and partly completed. They require some evaluation, training and subsequent follow-ups.

Eldoret Education Centre UDDT toilet

School Contact: +254 700 155 166
Email: eecshule@gmail.com
Locaton: Eldoret town
Date visited: 29th Oct 2010
Facilities constructed: Four Urine Diverting Dehydrating Toilet with Double Chambers and Boys Urinal.

Project Location:
Eldoret Education Complex is situated along Eldoret-Kaptagat –Ravine Road about 4 KM from Eldoret town.

Project history and motivation
Eldoret Education Complex is a new upcoming school with high goals and targets of being the centre for wholesome education to the child. The school started this year in June. Before the school begun, Ecosan Promotion Project was just winding up the documentation that was aired in local TV stations. The school administrators got interested and took a step of getting in touch with the ecosan Expert in the region.
Population 100 pupils up to class four. Age (3-10 Years) and all the school staff of 20.
Caretaker: Emily Maiyo

The caretaker is responsible for:
- Urine collection and replacing urine containers.
- Labeling the urine containers when they can be put to use.
- Replacing ash in the toilets .
- Training of young kids on toilet use.

The school’s main challenge now is disposal of used sanitary pads before the incinerator is ready.

Usage: the toilet in the school has been used from July 2010. The future plans are to construct 4 other units by January next year.

Eldoret Education Centre (EEC) UDDT toilet with urine storage chambers.

Overview of UDDT toilet with boys urinals to the left

Urine storage shelves in details. Urine is collected in 20 liter jericans and when full, it is labeled with a sticker indicating when it was full and when it will be ready for use in the farm.

The school is using the toilet products (urine and dried faeces)
in the farm and for trees

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