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Namawanga Kolani community UDDTs

by Moses Wakala (posted through C.Rieck)

Community projects initiated during consultancy and other ecosan activities
During this period of consultancy (funded by GTZ sustainable sanitation - ecosan program - Germany), a number of sensitization and awareness creation meetings have been done within the country. This was aimed at capacity building and ecosan advocacy within different people. This has yielded positive results within the region promoting ecological sanitation practices. As a result, a number of projects have sprouted with local funding from individuals and government as a replication of what was promoted in EPP. The following selected example is a project that I have seen started and partly completed. They require some evaluation, training and subsequent follow-ups.

Namawanga Kolani community UDDTs  -Bungoma County
The group meets daily in a 100m by 50m compound with no toilet around. This is because the region has high water table with weak soils that are dangerous in pit excavation. They got information about the ecosan toilet from the Farmers Field day that the expert organized.
Constructed facility: two door double chamber Urine diversion dry toilet.
Number of user: 40 people.
Funding: The main source of funding for the project was group contribution

Training session on ecosan Technology philosophy in Kolani Community Toilet( behind)

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