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Engineers Without Borders in Ukunda: School sanitation with UDDTs

By Julia Seitz (GIZ).  Information provided by Stefan Miethig from Engineers Without Boarders (stefan.miethig@gmx.de).

A school sanitation project in the DARAD education centre in Ukunda, a small town south of Mombasa, is currently conducted by Engineers Without Borders, RG Aachen, from Germany with the support of local stakeholders. The centre hosts about 180 pupils from surrounding areas and consists of a kindergarten, a school, and an adults learning programme. Since the centre is constantly expanding, especially sanitation facilities are short in number. For about 200 people, only four pit latrines have been provided, which are also a threat for the ground water. Therefore, under the school sanitation project, 4 urine diversion dehydration toilets (UDDTs) for girls, 3 UDDTs for boys + three urinals, and one Wonderloo (single vault UDDT) for persons with disabilities are currently built.
Getting started. The foundation wall is being constructed.
Now, since the construction is almost completed, some difficulties such as receiving the official building license quickly sink into oblivion. Construction time has been calculated with four weeks and the building process has successfully been supported by parents, who firstly have been gaining hands-on experience during the construction process and secondly receive a reduction of tuition fees which they have to pay for their children. On top, they get paid a small amount. The construction itself has been done with eco bricks (a mixture of clay and cement, fabricated by the Diani Brick Company), a decision made by the Board of Governors to make the eco spirit perfect. Steel doors are used and anal washing space within the toilet cabins as well as bathing facilities are provided.
UDDT house under construction. Right of the stairs will be the toilet for persons with disabilities.
Back side view of the UDDT house, where the faeces vaults can be seen.
Capacity building, one of the most important aspects in such a project, has strongly been emphasised. During construction, parents could learn a lot about the advantages of UDDTs. Pupils are taught in class about the link between sanitation, hygiene, and health. In addition, a trip to the Ministry of Agriculture was arranged for them to point out the link between the reuse of UDDT end-products and agriculture. A Kick-off event has also taken place very recently for teachers to exchange their knowledge on UDDTs and sanitation. All in all, it seems that the sanitation project will soon be successfully completed.

Pupils and parents learning about the concept of UDDTs.
Learning about sanitation with Wycliffe Osumba.

More information (in German) with many pictures that illustrate the project can be found on:

Local contacts:
Director Allan Maleya 0720258510
Headmaster Teacher George 0728340257
Constructor Daniel Kitonga 0723760429
Consultant Wycliffe Osumba Tel  0712930516, 0753643348,

Location of Ukunda (click on map)

Initial model drawing of the UDDT house (from 2010). On the right one can see the access to the toilet for persons with disabilities.

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