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Kisumu urban seminar on water and sanitation in slums

by Christian Rieck (GIZ)

The Sustainable Environment and Community Development project (SECODE) intends to hold urban seminars on 7th – 8th December 2011 in Kisumu.  This years event will the the first one of a annual series. The Kisumu urban seminar will focus on two themes each year. For this year the Kisumu Urban Seminar theme is proposed to be on Waste, Water and sanitation which is coherent with the Kisumu City council current strategic focus.  The second theme will be on Information exchange and networking in informal settlements: successful case studies

The Seminar will be organized by SECODE Project-Umande Trust through the collaboration of VE International. More sponsors are invited to come on board. Sponsor will be recognized through publications and in the conference papers on the conclusion of the seminar.

Thematic area 1: Waste Management, Water and sanitation challenges and local innovations
Thematic area 2 : Information exchange, Parnership and networking in informal settlements: Successful case studies

Deadline for applications is 15th October 2011.

For further details contact:
Ann Nabangala Obae
Umande Trust- SECODE Project
Project Officer: Capacity Building and Information
+254 412004532/ +254720204861
Email: a.obae@umande.org http://www.secodeproject.org/

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