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PeePoo - Toilets in bags

by Xizi Ling (GIZ) with information provided by Camilla Wirseen (peepoople)

The Peepoo sanitation solution is an alternative approach to tackle the lack of sanitation in informal settlements and during emergencies.  Anders Wilhelmson is the Swedish inventor of the idea in Sweden in 2005 and was developed together with a team of multidisciplinary researchers. He wants to give poor people in developing countries a simple way to improve their lives. The toilet is a single-use bag made of environmentally friendly plastics. The inside is treated with urea, a chemical commonly used as fertilizer. A natural reaction kills harmful organisms in the waste. It reduces the waste to fertilizer that Anders Wilhelmson says is safe for growing food. The sanitation toilet bag was invented by a Professor of Architecture Anders Wilhelmson (Ashoka fellow) in Sweden in 2005 and was developed together with a team of multidisciplinary researchers.

In summer 2010 a small scale production was set up in Nairobi and in November the same year the Peepoo sanitation system was launched in Silanga village in Kibera Nairobi Kenya, which was Peepoople’s first launch project. Today in Kibera, four sales women are selling the Peepoo for 3 KSH (0.03 EUR) and when brought to collection point a refund of 1 KSH (0.01 EUR) is paid back. The aim is to have 20 000 users all over Kibera by 2013 after a high-speed production line will be operation by the end of 2012.

The current production costs from the small scale production of peepoos are still high with about 7 KSH per peepoo thus a subsidy is currently provided. In the long run the costs for production will be brought down further and the expected money return from the sale of the sanitized peepoos to farmers shall make it a self-sustaining business model. However this will take some time and many research and development partners are actively engaged in this process including the University of Nairobi. For more infos see contacts below.

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More than 1500 school children have been taught WASH by the Peepoople Kenya team and have the possibility to use the Peepoo. The Sales women have about 1200 customers (both men and women) and they witness improved health and cleaner environment. By summer 2012 Peepoople will start producing 500 000 Peepoos daily which will enable large deliveries to emergencies.

More info please go to http://www.peepoople.com/ or contact the Kenya office
Peepoople Kenya

House No 1 Kibera Phase V
LR 61/441 Olympic,
P.O. Box 21486-00505 Nairobi, Kenya
phone: +254 (0)701 435 800

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