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Posted by Carola Israel according to information provided by Wycliffe Osumba  Ecosan Expert from Kenya (osumbawycliffe@yahoo.com). (10 February 2012)

Kachan Primary School is a public school sponsored by the government. It is situated in Lower Nyakach Division with a population of 292 pupils.

The school had experienced problems like collapsing pit latrines, smelly pit latrines, rocky soil which made digging of pit latrines extremely difficult.

Through community mobilization and awareness creation, the community learnt more about ECOSAN UDDTs double chamber concept and accepted the technology. The school committee and the community developed interest and accepted the technology.

Before the actual implementation, training was conducted to both community, school committee, teachers and pupils at different levels. There was discussion with the beneficiaries on design and costing of the units which was 4 doors for girls and 2 doors for boys.
A memorandum of understanding was then signed and the school provided sand, ballast, murram, unskilled labour, water, round poles, shuttering timber and curing for their contribution as per the the memorandum of understanding. The EPP gave the rest of the materials plus skilled labour.

Roles and responsibilities in ownership and stainability was discussed before the actual implementation.

Post-construction training was conducted conducted to the students and teachers on the usage, maintenance, monitoring and repair.

The units were found to be clean and well maintained.

Current problems
l  Blockage of the urine pipe
Monitoring of the units becomes difficult because the pupils were eager to use them

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