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Posted by Carola Israel according to information provided by Wycliffe Osumba Ecosan Expert from Kenya (osumbawycliffe@yahoo.com). (10 February 2012)

This is a government sponsored school located in Nyabondo, Upper Nyakach Division. It is a mixed secondary school with girls and boys. Majority of the people here are Christians. They practice small scale farming, small businesses and brick making as economic activities.

The school is strategically located to serve the children from the community around. They have a  feeding programme serving all the learners with lunch and breakfast.

The school has a population of 262 students, 10 teachers and 5 other staff members.

The UDDTs constructed were 4 doors; 2 doors for girls, 1 for boys and 1 for teachers. They are all in use and well maintained. They like UDDTs concept even though they few.

Reasons why they constructed the UDDTs
l  Collapsing pit latrines every year
l  Waterlogging of pit latrines during rainy seasons
l  Smelly pit latrines
l  Recovery of the nutrients
l  Permanent construction

Maintenance / Service
l  The school has employed a groundsman who is doing the maintenance every day and repair whenever there is need.
l  Sanitary towels are being burnt after collection from the bin
l  End product is being used in planting of tree seedlings
l  Orientation is being done to new staff and students on the usage of the UDDTs

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