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Chief Mutsembi Ecosan Primary School Project

By Moses Wakala, ecosan expert and entrepreneur (wakala.gtz@gmail.com)

Construction of new UDDT facilities was stopped due to lack of funds.
A continuation is envisaged with new funding from Western Water Company.
Chief Mutsembi Primary school located in Kakamega town experiences very poor sanitation with only six pit latrines serving a population of 700 pupils and 15 teachers. The situation is bad that female teachers share the latrine with the pupils (Girls). The school with most pupils from the neighbouring slums overpopulated area is squized with small land and this has caused serious health hazard to the water spring down the school. This protected spring serves the whole community. However, due to lack of space and planning, it is being polluted by the latrines in the school. The only option is now to have better facilities which cant pollute the water body. The school is threatened with clossure if they can't do better sanitation facilities. I visited the school and gave them this ecosan option. Funds were to be got from Constituent development fund. However from last year, the funds have delayed. We begun the construction but stopped due to lack of money. Now, i have gotten in touch with Western Water Company which also deals with Sanitation in the area. They have an on-going project with sanitation option in school and they have agreed to finance the project to completion with four units UDDT and urinal. This is great news for the school.

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