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Sotik: Ecosan Public Toilet finished and running

By Moses Wakala in Feb.2011, ecosan expert and entrepreneur (wakala.gtz@gmail.com), edited by K. Kurianowski (GIZ)

The public toilet in Sotik is fitted with a water kiosk, bathrooms and toilets. The waste water is treated for reuse in a biogas settler and anaerobic baffled reactor.

This ecosan public toilet, funded through the Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) with financial resources provided by the EU-SIDA-GTZ EcoSan Promotion Project (EPP) was completed in June last year and has been running since July. See the pictures and description on the construction of the toilet in a prior post (http://ecosankenya.blogspot.com/2010/12/sotik-public-toilet-with-water-kiosk.html).

I supported the construction and training of the construction company and stakeholders on behalf of the GIZ sustainable sanitation program. All the stakeholders agreed that it should be run and managed by a private entrepreneur on behalf of the local Water and Sanitation Company. Mrs Muge takes care of the facilities, cleans and serves the costumers daily, most of them being men with a daily collection of about KSH 1000. The charge per go is currently 5 Ksh. The demand for public bathrooms is already high, but since the building is located close to a buspark, which is currently under construction, the number of clients is expected to rise even more. Therefore the management is planning to extend the facility to include one additional bathroom to the two existing ones.
The biogas generation from the waste water treatment system has already started. It will be used in a food kiosk that will be constructed next to the existing building. The treated effluent of the toilet will be used in a tree nursery for the fertilization and the irrigation of the plants.

There was a very good coordination with the Lake Victoria South Water Services Board, which is the actual asset owner of the facility as well as with the local Water and Sanitation Company being the manager of the toilet. The operator has been contracted by the company. The contract conditions and ways of payment will be clarified in a later post.
Sotik is located in Nyanza Province. See the below map for further details.

Location of Sotik in Nyanza Province

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