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Chief Mutsembi Primary School Ecosan Project completed!

Edited by Xizi Ling (GIZ) and provided by Moses Wakala (ecosanity)

Finally, Chief Mutsembi Primary School Ecosan Project in Kakamega is completed!

The ecosan project lasted from March to May 2011 and was funded by the Western Water Company and the consultancy company RODECO. At the end of May, the school facilities have been completed well and are ready for use by 600 pupils and teachers in Chief Mutsembi Primary School and Nabongo Primary School.

Ecosanity Services Ltd, the contractor of the project has already done initial user training. They also recommend official commissioning of the facility and possible upscaling due to high demand in the schools. One of the schools (Chief Mutsembi) has already got funding from CDF (Community Development Foundation) to construct six more double vault UDDT's (Urine diversion dehydration toilets).

Pic 1: Completed double vault UDDT's at Chief Mutsembi Primary school with two toilets and urinal

Pic 2:Two double vault UDDT's for pupils at Nabongo Primary school

Pic 3: Completed double vault UDDT's at Chief Mutsembi Primary school

Pic 4: Stakeholders Training in progress at LVNWSB (Lake Victoria North Water Services Board) conference room in Kakamega

Pic 5: Installation of a double vault UDDT user manual poster in toilets at the sites in Kakamega

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Please contact Moses Wakala, ecosan expert and entrepreneur for more information (wakala.gtz@gmail.com).

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