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The Ambira Boys High School Project will be described in the following section (visited on 17th June and reported by Moses Wakala):

Implemented by: Ambira school, Comila construction company, EPP
Ecosan components: 5 stand flush toilet, 50 cbm biogas settler (BG), Anaerobic Baffled Reactor with 6 chamber (5x1 m) (ABR), Effluent piping to banana plantation, Biogas reuse for cooking in kitchen to start.
Construction time: March 2009 – Feb. 2010; Operation started: March 2010

Current state:
The toilet block has been a big relief to the school which was initially lacking space for pit construction. The school sanitation has now improved with the flushing toilet. A pressure test is needed to establish the air-tightness of the pipes and the plant. The stoves are also to be installed in the next visit. All the toilets are in good use and the effluent piping is not done. The school has agreed to prepare a farm next to the plant for bananas as treated effluent reuse.

Management of facilities:
The toilet is managed by the school environmental club together with the Principal and sanitation teacher. The school has employed a technician whom I trained on O and M to help the school on any technical problem when am away. (Mr. Oyugi)

Challenges of project:
The main challenge that the project is facing in this school is the gas reuse concept. The kitchen which is far away about 400 Meters seem to require more pressure for burning. There may be losses which are affecting the required pressure in the kichen. A pressure test is needed to confirm this. The burners are not installed in the kichen. This could be done immediately by the consultant but the transport issue and the required fitting items for work has to be sorted by GTZ.

The following pictures show the project components:

Rehabilitated toilets at Ambira School

Gas piping to be done in the kitchen

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