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Further information about the St. Peter Rambula Boys High School in Kenya will be presented in the following paragraph (visited on 17th June and reported by Moses Wakala):

Implemented by: St. Peter, Comila construction company, EPP
Ecosan components: 5 stand flush toilet, 50 cbm biogas settler (BG), Anaerobic Baffled Reactor with 6 chamber (4x1 m) (ABR), Effluent piping to banana plantation, Biogas reuse for cooking in kitchen not started
Construction time: March 2009 – Feb. 2010; Operation started: March 2010

Current state:
EPP has done a 50 cm digester and Baffle Reactor for the school. The toilet block is well used by the Girls. The boys are still using pit latrines because of location of the new toilets (5 in number) only favored the girls. The digester is not full and therefore biogas is not yet burning. The main source of water for flushing the toilet is the shallow well in the compound. The biogas piping should be checked for air-tightness and burners to be installed

Management of facilities:
The toilet facility is managed by the Principal, Sanitation teacher and the Environmental club. The cub meets at least once every week to discuss on the operation of the facility. The club gets constant support from the consultant and all the training are being organized together with the school.

The major challenge is water availability for flushing. The main source of water is from a shallow well and roof catchment in school. This is not sufficient and sometimes may lack forcing the club to get water from their homes. The gas pressure in the kitchen is still very low and this call for a pressure test to be performed.
The clay seals and the water traps must also be checked. GTZ to consider this.

Picture documentation:

Toilet and Roof Catchment

Hand wash unit at Rambula sec school

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