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The following paragraph describes the Naivasha Public Toilet Project, implemented in Kenya in 2007/2008 (visited on 30.6. - 2.7.2010 and reported by Moses Wakala):

Implemented by: WSTF, NAIVAWASCO, EPP
Ecosan components: Public toilets with water kiosk, 50 cbm biogas settler (BG), Effluent connected to main public sewer, Biogas used in a nearby food cafe
Construction time: August 2007 – May 2008; Operation started: June 2008

Current state:
The toilet is in good use with trained operetors employed by the water company running the facility in experimental stage. The toilet needed some painting in general to give it a good look and appeal to the customers with some repair on masonry and plumping works. The water company which is making good sales from the toilet is ready to do these repairs as maintenance.

1. There is need for lighting in the facility so as to be friendly to night travelers in bus park
2. The amount of money to be paid by the Biogas user is not decided and this needs to be addressed for him to start submitting something. A gas flow meter is to be installed for efficient gas measurement.
3. There is a serious water shortage in the water kiosk that has made selling the
commodity unpredictable.

Follwing pictures show the construction of Naivasha Public Toilet:

Front view

Chairman of operations receives Sanitary Bins for
Ladies Toilets and rubbish Bins

New face of Naivasha Ecosan Toilet after repairs and painting

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