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The following report explains the LUANDA KOTIENO BEACH PUBLIC MARKET AND WATER KIOSK Project visited on 19th July and reported by Moses Wakala)

Implemented by: Beach Management Committee, Comila construction company, EPP
Ecosan components: Toilet Block with showers and urinal for men and 4 flush toilets, 50 cbm biogas settler (BG), Anaerobic Baffled Reactor with 6 chamber (5x1 m) (ABR), Effluent piping to nearby agricultural farm, Biogas reuse for cooking in a food cafe to start.
Construction time: March 2010 – July 2010; Operation not started

Current state:
The toilet block and all the other components have just been completed three days ago. There was a delay in implementation and construction as a result of failure of the first construction company to commence the construction which made EPP to cancel the contract and award it to Comila Construction company that managed to finish the work. The consultant who was the supervisor from EPP then had to ensure the completion of this project at all costs. All the structures have been done to completion. There is no piped water nearby the new toilet block. Gas use concept is not developed yet and after training with the BMC, then a plan can be
developed for the same. Initially there was no public Toilet in the whole town. The waters have been seriously polluted by the people around the lake. There are also just a few shops with their personal toilets in the compounds. This community needs to be sensitized on importance of toilet and toilet use. The learned people are very happy with the project as they already can see improved sanitation in town.

Management of facilities:
The toilet has just been completed and the management team is not in place. The consultant has organized a meeting with the Beach Management Committee for training and awareness campaigns. I intent to capacity-build the BMC on the management of toilet with lessons learned from other public toilets constructed by EPP.

Challenges of project:
The greatest challenge for he project is lack of piped water in the vicinity of the toilet. This means that the operators will get the flushing water directly from the lake to begin operations. I am already taking with the BMC and the water company in the region to have this facility connected with treated piped water for the water kiosk to run. Gas use concept is not in place. This is made more complex with the absence of an existing food kiosk nearby that can be advised to use the biogas as an energy alternative.

The following pictures show the construction components:

Back view of the complete unit with Baffle
Reactor and Bio-Digester.

Completed toilet block at Luanda Kotieno Beach
Town during handing over on 19th July from
Comila Construction Company.

The side view of the toilet with overhead tank
awaiting water connection. Infront is the
completed water kiosk attached to the toilet block.

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