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Community follow-up and training on UDDTs construction in Rachuonyo North and Radienya Nyakach districts,by Wycliffe Osumba.Submitted on 28-07-2010

Two trainings were conducted as per the planned activities on post construction of UDDTs to the following:

Radienya Nyakach District

I met parents, teachers and school committee on eco-san post construction.
The topic covered:
· Philosophy of eco-san
· Why eco-san
· Types of toilets
· Destruction of the pathogens
· Application of the end products
· Roles and responsibilities
· Sustainability of the project

General comment: The community was happy with the new technology introduced to the school. They demanded that the units be extended to the communities around.

· Health clubs activity involved maintaining the units in a good status.
· They had school gardens, and cultivated cowpeas.
· Radienya has become a place where people go and see how the UDDTs are being used.
· The population at the time the training was conducted is 80 people.

· The school used to have problems of collapsing pit latrine and even in the year 2010, their pits collapsed, but eco-san remained.
· The population of pupils exceeds the capacity of the constructed units.

Way Forward
· We agreed that they will sustain those constructed units and do any repair required.
· Their pupils will come with the ash needed for the unit.

Rachuonyo North District
I visited one of the church members who had constructed UDDTs on their own.
A training session was conducted for the church elders from different churches on eco-san technology.

Topics Covered included;
· Philosophy of the eco-san
· Importance of UDDTs
· Why eco-san
· Destruction of the pathogens
· Usage of the end products

The church has already made a vegetable garden. To promote church development, they will sell the vegetables to generate income. Some of these vegetables include onions, tomatoes and sukuma wiki in the nursery waiting for planting.

They had prepared the garden and they are waiting to start using urine as their first harvesting,whilst they still wait for faeces to be ready.

Nursery for tomatoes and Sukuma Wiki (kales) yet to be planted using the end product from Ecosan.

Nursery for onions yet to be planted using the end product from Ecosan.

The church elders and pastors at the nursery place.

Training the church elders and pastors on the ecological sanitation usage and maintenance of the end product in their church compound at Nyanchwa Church of God Seventh Day an International Community.

Training Tana water service board
The training was conducted for 6 days, starting from Monday to Saturday.

Day one, we went through the theory on eco-san. Topics covered were:
· Philosophy of eco-san
· Types of toilets
· Materials required (costing)
· Destruction of the pathogens
· Maintenance of the units
· Application of urine and rationing
· Composting procedure
· Usage of the end products in the field
· Construction Procedures
· Roles and responsibilities for the sustainability projects

Training was conducted for the artisans from different CBOs (Community based Organisations), in the preparation of constructing UDDTs in their respected CBOs. Total noumber of trainees were; three(3) from the Tana Water Service Board and Twelve(12) artisans.

The supervision and monitoring was conducted by the water service trust fund from Nairobi.

The construction of the three doors was constructed for both chambers and two courses of the superstructures.

Observation:Trainees were happy with the technology they had learnt about during the 6 day training period.

Way Forward

Each artisan was to go into their CBOs to start the UDDTs construction · Monitoring will be done by the trainees where we had conducted practical training. Planned Activities · Follow-up of the household person · Report writing · Finalizing the training manual.
Training the artisans on the theory of ecosan toilets.

Trainees laying the first courses of UDDT chambers.

Trainees inserting the eco plates and weld mesh before casting floor slab.

The trainees with their trainers after finishing setting the superstructure Closing remarks by Eng. Macharia from Water Trust Fund.

Please see link for more photos on ecosan flikr collection:


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