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Schools and house hold follow up in Homa bay,Rongo,Ndhiwa and Rachuonyo districts.UDDTs.by Wycliffe Osumba.Submitted on 07-17-2010

Site area
South Nyanza water service board post ecosan construction follow ups for Schools and house holds.
Rongo District
The follow up was conducted on the following schools;

Nyarach primary school
In the above school, the UDDTs constructed were in use, but later on it ceased due to poor usage, blockage of the urine pipe, ash was not available for usage, and the community were not involved during the training . All the UDDTs are in bad state, some doors are broken , urine bins are not in place, no water tank in place and termites had destroyed urine doors.

An agreement was made with the deputy teacher to organize with the community, a one day training session focused on , ownership, sustainability, philosophy of ecosan and maintenance of UDDTs toilet.

Nyarach Primary School UDDT in Rongo District.Not used properly. Urine door rotten due to rainfall.Nyarach primary School.
UDDT chamber in use but without application of ash.
Choked UDDT in a poor state due to wrong user procedures. Nyarach primary school.

Rongo Primary School
The above school had four doors of the UDDTs constructed for them, two doors for boys , one door for girls, and one door for the teachers. they started using them , but they stopped usage due to the following reasons;
  • Lack of proper training of parent, pupils and teachers on the ecosan concept.
  • Parents were not willing to have their children bring ash to school for use.
  • Monitoring to use ecosan toilets became a problem due to large ratio of pupils population to toilets in the school (1400 as against 3 doors).

Current Status

  • Urine pipes are blocked
  • They are poorly used
  • They used the units with out applying ash after usage
  • No hand washing in place
  • Termite invaded urine doors
  • And the units lack of proper care
UDDT chamber at Rongo Primary School. In a bad state due to bad maintenance and no use of ash after patronage.
Blocked UDDT squatting pan due to lack of maintenance. Rongo Primary School.

Broken Chamber door, due to Lack of maintenance at Rongo Primary School.

Holes prepared for tree planting at Rongo Primary School dug by the health club. fertiliser from UDDT to be applied.


Post construction training will be conducted for parents, teachers, and community members, on ownership, sustainability, the concept of ecosan toilets , as well as their roles and responsibility.

Ndhiwa District

The construction at ratanga mixed secondary school was completed and students were allowed to start using them by July, 2010 . The follow up will be conducted when school will be opened in September 2010.

Rachuonyo District-The follow ups were conducted for both school and the community.

Kendu muslim mixed secondary school

All the UDDTs are in use, the boys side is in good condition. however, that of the teachers and girls are in bad state. For the teachers, the urine containers are not well maintained, for the girls, they donot use ash anytime they visit the unit.
The health club was formed and they play a good role on the side of the boys.
The school garden has been made, they have planted maize as a top dressing.
The UDDT technology has been accepted because of the practical benefits realised. Almost All the pit latrines collapse during the raining season.


They need update training, which will be conducted when school reopens in September 2010.
Demonstration farms are in place and in the next term they will start using urine for top dressing their crops.

Sunken pit latrine site. This came about due to the poor soil quality.

A well maintained urine chamber at Kendu Muslim Sec.School.

Households - North kamenya self help project group

They had 16 constructed UDDTs and all are working , they started using the units in 2009 and one chamber is almost full , they used urine during the planting season for top dressing and the result was good compared to the harvesting done in 2008.

Application for urine was applied to the following:

  • Mango trees planted,tree nursery, bananas, and cereals
  • Rationing of urine are 1 to 3 for trees and for cereals are 1 to 5
  • House hold with 10 urine of 20 litres takes one week to filled up
  • Hand washing tanks has not been installed due to insecurity
  • Urine pipes are normally blocked and to rod it is not easy
  • Termites have infested some of the urine doors
  • Backdoors wooden frame has been beaten by rain and is causing it to rot.
  • Urine pipes need to be replaced by wash pipes for easy management.
  • Hand washing needs to be replaced by Ferro cement water tank, for it to be permanent
  • Background needs to be made to metallic frame and plate of 18 gauge.

Activities of sustainability groups

  1. Started four tree nurseries
  2. Micro saving and credit

Tree planting such as

  1. Mango planting 2010 200
  2. Orange planted 2010 300
  3. Pawpaw planted 2010 300
  4. Banana planted 2010 250

Community demand of UDDTs

During the rainy season,which was from the start of April-July 2010, most pit latrines collapsed while the Ecosan UDDTs were the only toilets that remained.
Due to the uniqueness of Ecosan toilets, communities are now demanding more. They are ready with the locally available materials such as sand, ballast, round poles, hard covers, water unskilled labour, marram.

Community meeting

We had two different group meetings for which I was invited to facilitate them on Ecosan.The attendance was good.
Seka Kamser sub/location population 86 people
Obama health and community development programme population reached was 200 people, that were demanding technology

Topics covered
  1. Philosophy of Ecosan
  2. Types of ecosan toilets
  3. Benefits, usage, maintenance, bill of quantity

Homa bay district

The following was carried out to Ndiru primary school and all the units constructed are in use. They started using them in May 2010.

The health clubs are maintaining them well and they had started planting trees in school. They are going to start working in school gardens when the school will be open.
The community members were already being trained on the UDDTs and they welcomed the technology and demanding more Ecosan to be constructed in their home so that pupil learn to be constructed in their home s that pupil learn on how to use them both in school and home.

Planned activities for two weeks
Schools follow ups Radienya primary school
Development of training manual –office
Typing the written manual –Oyugis
Community meeting –Oriang’ Maumi Nyochoo Women group
Training Athi water service board identified artisan for 5 days both theory and practical on Ecosan toilet UDDTS Thika

Please see link for more photos on ecosan flikr collection:


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