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Site follow-up report in North Rachuonyo, South Rachuonyo and Rongo district.UDDTs by Wycliffe Osumba.Sumitted on 08-08-2010

Site Areas: South Nyanza Water Services Board
Areas Covered were: North Rachuonyo District, Rongo district and South Rachuonyo

Summary of the sites followed-up finding and Awareness creation on ecosan Toilet
Follow-up on the sites showed that most households and institution UDDTS whose construction were commissioned May 2009 were still under construction. Also,some UDDTS were finished but lacked fitting;The urine pipes, urine containers and water tanks were not installed by the contractors,These included the ones at Rongo district, Rangwe in Homa Bay District and Ndhiwa District for 49 units.

In North Rachuonyo District, the units constructed were in use and some farmers were already using the end product in their farms as well as in their horticulture farms.

Current Status
· There are 16 household units constructed in one of the groups in North Rachuonyo District. In Nyomindi Cluster, 14 UDDTs are in use and some farmers had started using the urine and compost faeces in their farms. Some farmers were using the end product in their bananas, mango trees, onions and kales.
· Rongo has much pending work both at school and in the community which were not completed accordingly. The same applies to Ndhiwa and Homa Bay Districts. They all need more training on the usage of the units.

Date - 27/07/2010

Group - CBOs · Wang’chieng’ Group · Wang’apala· Nyasore
Activity - Meeting CBO representatives awareness creation on ECOSAN
District - Karachuonyo

The meeting was conducted as planned and all the group’s representatives attended. Topics covered were: definition of ECOSAN, Principles of ECOSAN, Usage, importance of ECOSAN. They demanded that the project be extended to them because it had been implemented in other areas but nobody had seen the UDDTs in their district.

Date - 28/07/2010
Group - Office
Activity - Typing training manual book
District - North Rachuonyo

Typing took place as it was planned and the training manual is almost ready to be used.

Date - 29/07/2010
Group - Nyomindi Self Help Group
Activity - End product follow-up and update training
District - North Rachuonyo

The follow-up was conducted to the same group members whose composted fertilizer were ready for use and demonstrated on applying them when planting.

Date - 30/07/2010
Group - Kadoma Self Help Group
Activity - Awareness creation at Kitere Camp meeting
District - Ronngo District

The awareness creation created to over 300 people on ecological sanitation and the importance of the units. Most people that came from different areas requested for these units to be extended to Migori district, Awendo district, Kuria district so that people could see them and construct them in schools, churches, and at household levels. This is because the soil types in there are weak and most pit latrines collapse during rainy season.

Date - 02/08/2010
Group - Kodoma
Activity - Fitting water tanks and taps
District - Rongo

The fitting was done to 8 people whose construction was completed by the contractor and left the water tanks incomplete.

Date - 03/08/2010
Group - Rapedhi SDA Church
Activity -Awareness creation on ECOSAN
District -Ndhiwa

The pastor at Rapedhi SDA church invited me to their camp meeting for awareness creation on ECOSAN toilet. The meeting was conducted and the population reached 260 people. They demanded for the project to cover their region because of the importance and recovering the end products.

Date - 04/08/2010
Group - Office
Activity -Repot writing
District -North Rachuonyo

Writing field report and training manual.

Date - 05/08/2010
Group - Church of God 7th Day an International Community.
Activity -Training on how to use the compost feases after one year storage
District -North Rachuonyo

Training was conducted to the church members both theory and practical and we transplanted the onions using compost feaces at the church garden. The population reached was 20.

Date -06/08/2010
Group - Nyomindi Self Help Group.
Activity -Practical training on the application of the end product.
District - North Rachuonyo

This mother had applying the compost ECOSAN product after leaving it for one year. They had transplanted onions and tomatoes and were waiting to transplant sukuma wiki (Kales).

Dates - 08/08/2010
Group - Office
Activity - Repot writing and sending
District - North Rachuonyo

Reports were composed and sent.

Problems Identified

  • The contractors were not committed in their work using some godfathers at the GTZ office.
  • Using of untrained artisans during the construction
  • The contractors were not trained on ecological sanitation principles.

Pending Works
· Training is needed to both the communities where the units were constructed and the schools.

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