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Results of ecosan capacity development workshop


To teach sanitation experts, community officers who are from Ecosan projects, water institutions and NGO’s on training concepts and good practises of Ecosan.

Participants attended: 17.

Participants of the workshops were from water companies, water board, beneficiaries of some existing ecosan projects, NGOs working in grass root level.

Agenda of Workshop:

- Wrap-up Field Trip, facilitated by Mr. Wafler (seecon gmbh) and Ms. Thakur (ESF-India).
- National Sanitation Policies/strategies (Input presentation & Discussion), facilitated by Mr. Onyango (GTZ).
- Community Participation (Group Work & Consolidation) facilitated by Mr. Wafler (seecon gmbh) & Mr. Osumba (GTZ-ecosan).
- Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) Campaign in Africa & Asia (Input Presentations & Discussion), facilitated by Mr. Otieno (Plan Intern-ational) & Ms. Thakur (ESF India).
- Social Marketing for Behaviour Change, facilitated by Ms. Thakur (ESF-India).
- Monitoring & Evaluation (Groupwork & Consolidation), facilitated by Mr. Wakala (GTZ-ecosan) & Mr. Wafler (seecon gmbh).
-Initiation of Capacity Building Initiatives (Input Presentation), facilitated by Ms. Thakur (ESF-India).
- Financing of ecosan Activities in Kenya (Facilitated Group Discussion), facilitated by Mr. Wafler (seecon gmbh) & facilitation of group discussion by Ms Thakur (ESF-India).

Participants and resource persons, photo by M. Marfler, 2010.

Participants interacting in a group work, photo by M. Marfler, 2010.

Participants performing a role play on promotion of ecosan, photo by M. Marfler, 2010.

Group photo, photo by M. Marfler, 2010.

Felicitation of Participants, photo by M. Marfler, 2010.


A diversified group of participants was present for the workshop.
• Very active participation from all the participants.
• Major emphasis was on financing from government.
• Some subjects like social marketing and initiation of capacity building approach was new to them.
• Participants expressed need of such program in future.

Feedback, M. Marfler, 2010.

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