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Ugunja Market Public Toilet, DEWATS - study tour – ecosan workshop


To familiarise the Kenyan Stakeholders with the local conditions in order to provide the proper context for the organisational development of “ESF Kenya”.

Sites Visited

•Urine-Diverting Dehydrating Toilets (UDDTs) at the household and school levels

•Decentralized wastewater management plants comprising of biogas digesters

•Bio-Latrine-Centres installed for public places such as markets, bus parks, and boat landings and informal settlements

Site I: Bio latrine Centres at Market Place
Project is operated and maintained by Ugunja municipal body on trial run to see the cost effectiveness of the project with reference to O and M of the project.

On Tuesdays weekly market takes place in Ugunja, P.Thakur, 2010.

Collection counter at toilet block.Photo by P.Thakur, 2010

Washbasin with broken/missing lever (Ugunja market) Photo by P.Thakur, 2010.

Public toilet linked to DEWATS at Ugunja market Photo by P.Thakur, 2010.
Site I: Bio latrine Centres at Market Place
Observations / comments made:

•Toilet block is well maintained
•Lids of biogas settler and baffle reactor are in broken condition.
•The O and M agency is selling water to shopkeepers in the market at the rate of 10 Kenyan shillings for 20 lit which is an additional incentive to O and M agency of the toilet block.
•Charges for users:
ØToilet: 5.0 Kenyan shillings
ØBathroom: 10.0 Kenyan shillings
•Amount collected by O and M agency is 1000 shillings/day
•Community consultation and handover to CBO is pending task for that further support is needed.

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