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Mumias household UDDTs - study tour - ecosan workshop


To familiarise the Kenyan Stakeholders with the local conditions in order to provide the proper context for the organisational development of “ESF Kenya”.

Sites Visited:

•Urine-Diverting Dehydrating Toilets (UDDTs) at the household and school levels,
•Decentralized wastewater management plants comprising of biogas digesters
•Bio-Latrine-Centres installed for public places such as markets, bus parks, and boat landings and informal settlements.

Project is operated and maintained by Ugunja municipal body on trial run to see the cost effectiveness of the project with reference to O and M of the project.

Houses of Beneficiaries, P. Thakur, September 2010.
Double door UDDT at Mumias, P Thakur, September 2010.

Faecal compost, P. Thakur, September 2010.

UDDT with Roof top rainwater harvesting, P. Thakur, September 2010.

Crops with urine application, P. Thakur, september 2010.

Crops without urine application, P. Thakur, September 2010.

Observations / comments made:

•Well maintained toilet block
• Toilet block with rainwater harvesting system is really a sustainable solution
•Reuse of ecosan product and comparative study with-urine and without urine is good example.
•Need of documentation of reuse aspect and case study

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