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Follow up of UDDTs at schools

ACTIVITY REPORT for October 2010

By Wycliffe Osumba

The report is majorly based on the field activities conducted during one month. Most of activities carried pout was training community members, school children and teachers on how to maintain the UDDT’s, usage and sustainability of the implemented project. Areas of report are the achievements and problems realized during the month.

During the four week plan it was mostly involving training both the users and non-users on how to maintain, monitoring, usage and application of the end product after destruction of pathogens 
·         The follow-up work has been, not easy because to train people after the construction, on how to use the end product and given the project which they did not demand is a big issue.
·         Ecosan project that was implemented during the promotion has a big challenge in the near future because most of them were not demanded so the community view it as GTZ and not a community project.
·         The time frame given for the follow up was not even enough for the work because movement with public transport is time consuming.
·         Like Tana Water Service Board after training they need follow-up to the trained health clubs and other schools because this is a new concept and they need to conceptualize the whole idea for change to be realized and have a positive impact otherwise things will be on a mess.
·         Monitoring the project needs more time to address all the gaps on training and monitoring for sustainability. The funds from Water Services Trust fund also need the monitoring tool. It should not just be a matter of training and construction.
·         We have fewer problems where community mobilization was well done before implementation. But where construction was implemented without involving the community and the school committee is a big challenge to the project and it brings negative impact to the GTZ Ecosan promotion project.
·         My proposal is that these follow-ups need longer time especially where we had constructed the units specifically in schools.

 Community meeting and awareness creation at Nyaburi SDA Church on 25/10/2010 (over 300 people reached)
The constructed unit at Kasangura Primary School on 6/10/2010

Post-construction training at Kasangura Primary School on 6/10/2010

Post-construction training at Bongu Primary School on 5/10/2010 (over 200 community member and pupils reached)
Burial of one of the trained artisans on 21/10/2010 (over 300 people reached)
Example of the pit latrines we have after heavy rainfall


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