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Khaimba Primary School UDDT post-training and follow up

by Moses Wakala (Nov.2010)

Date: 18 October 2010


- Pupils from all classes except STD 8 
- All teachers 
- Environmental Club 
- School Management committee

This trained was planned by the expert following subsequent visits giving an alarming feedback on toilet use. Khaimba primary school was the first UDDT constructed in a primary school in Kenya with an NGO approach. Four toilets were constructed for a population of 900 pupils and 25 teachers. This posed a challenge of sharing the modern toilet. Therefore because of location, it was decided that two doors to be used by the staff while the other two to be used by the class eight pupils.

The facilities picked up so well in 2008 as the best example of dry toilet sanitation in primary schools in Kenya. However in the follow-up visits during the consultancy period, it was discovered that the toilets were being abandoned and the users opting to go to the pit latrines due to constant blockages of the urine pipes in the UDDTs. Reasons for this deterioration of toilet performance was obviouly the change in school management and teacher in charge, which quickly caused the failing of the toilets after occurance of blockages of urine pipes and poor management.

Additionally ecosan technology was also failing due to over pressure on the few facilities constructed by EPP and maintenance practices that demands constant training. The expert had to organize for the post training to promote the previous best ecosan practice in the school.

Among the topics covered were:
I) Importance of hand washing in school
II) Unblocking the urine pipes.
III) Urine use as farm fertilizer.
IV) Operation and maintenance

Methods used:
1. Lecture method
2. Question and answers.
3. EcoSan Video show from laptop
4. Discussions
5. Songs and poems rewards scheme.

Pupils in Khaimba Primary school watching a sanitation movie
during a training session.

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