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Status UDDTs at selected housholds in Western Region

by Moses Wakala (Nov.2010)

During the Monitoring period, ten household unit were selected and monitored for a period of six months. The table summarizes the sites selected and respective activities.

StatusUDDT in households is a success story in Kenya. The demand for similar toilets has been soaring high and higher. The advantages for this toilet like fly-less, odorless and permanency of the structure has outrun the high initial investment cost. Many clients are now using urine on their farms as fertilizer. Exchange visits have been organized to build on the good ecosan and hygiene practices apart from sharing the technology. This has boosted the uptake of the technology in many areas. 

- Unblocking the urine pipe using hot water.

During the exchange visits within the CBOs, a number of lessons were shared which included:
- Urine reuse on the farm with specific food crops and trees.
- Importance of mixing solid waste with ash as it decomposes in the chambers etc.

Household toilet in Mumias with reuse of urine as fertilizer on maize farm

A farmer in Khaimba displays his ecosan product on the farm as a result of urine application in banana plantation

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