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Status UDDTs at selected schools in Western Province

by Moses Wakala (Nov.2010)

Urine diversion Dehydrating Toilets were also piloted in several schools as an entry point for the new technology. During the consultancy period, the following schools were visited and evaluated.

It is now clear that the toilets piloted in primary school were not sufficient to give true picture of the technology impacts in the community. This is because of the high pressure on the facility (only few facilities were built) leading to misuse and or negligence. Many toilets that were well constructed were used very well some days after the first trainings done during the EPP program. Many visited toilets are now unattended and neglected. Many were found with blocked urine pipes and fear of handling other peoples waste as maintenance practice. (see other post on Western Region UDDTs - successful and replicated). 

Kakichuma Primary School in Bungoma County
is one of the success stories of ecosan promotion
technology in the region. The school with the best
management concept of the toilet. Two such toilets were constructed
by the project in March 2009 and it has been in use for one year now.

Mumias Muslim Primary7.7Project monitoring and evaluationAbandoned toilet with blocked urinals
12.7Training on operation and maintenance of UDDT with Environmental club and teachers responsibleAfter training, better usage is initiated.
Challenges of anal cleansing addressed.
Khaimba Primary7.7Monitoring of facility.The school had begun well with good use and operation, but later due to change in school management and teacher in charge, the project has been abandoned with blockages and poor maintenance.
20.9Ugunja Workshop preparation.
18.10Re-training of users on operation and maintenance.
Kakichuma RC Primary23.7Post Training on operation and ManagementToilet in good use.
Minimal use of urine on trees in school compound
Sibumba Primary23.7MonitoringMinimal toilet use.
Toilet ownership to be addressed.
Namawanga Primary24.7Training on reuse and recycling.Concept still not well taken due to school administration change.
Ngalasia Primary6.9Training on urine reuse in farmToilets in use

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