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Status Ugunja Public Toilet with waterk kiosk and DEWATS

by Moses Wakala (Nov.2010)

The toilet has been in operation since April 2010. It is now managed by the town council as a pilot project. This is against the articles of Understanding signed between the WSTF, the Town officers and the SIBO regional water company. Negotiations to put the toilet under the water company (SIBO) that is mandated to manage water and sewerage services in the region.

The toilet is offering the following services currently: - Gents urinal at five shillings. - Toilet at 5 shillings. - Cold Shower at twenty shillings.

It has recorded the highest number of 500 visitors on a market day that is twice per week.
Ladies are the constant visitors in the facility as they are the majority doing business in the town.

The toilet facility is being run by political leaders with little experience in sanitation. They are only after the income generated and not so much in proper maintenance. The piping of the gas has not been done and planning for the training with the political leadership has become so hard.

Management plans and agreements are meant to bring harmony between parties working together. All parties are to be aware of the implication and understand the parts played by the others in the partnership. In this Ugunja Sanitation Facility, the parties that were to partner in the implementation seem not to be aware of their individual responsibilities and that is the reason for the management wrangles.
It is important to get credited contractors to do the construction work. Many companies apply for the tender but they don’t have the capacity to have a good job as per the plans. As much as capacity building was advocated for in EPP, the contracting farms especially the one that was to do this Ugunja DTS did not do the best job as finishes are concerned.

A) Handing over the management of the toilet to SIBO.
B) Proper assessment of good finishes demanded to make the facility look more presentable and necessary repairs done by the management.
C) Plan a training session on reuse of effluent and gas connection to burners.
- Selling of soaps, airtime and sanitary pads at the front operator’s room.

View of public toilet with water kiosk at Ugunja market

Project was visited during the study tour
of the ecosan capactiy developing workshop
in September 2010

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