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Status of DEWATS in Kenya

by Moses Wakala

Follow up activities
Ecosan Promotion implemented a number of Sanitation Projects in different place in the country. The consultant had planned to visit all the Decentralized Treatment Plants done in the project doing Monitoring and follow-up visits. Many projects had not started working at this time of evaluation and monitoring. Initial trainings that was to be done during project implementation had not been done and as such many clients were not aware of the functioning of the facilities. Given that the sites are located far apart in the republic of Kenya, therefore a lot of planning for movement from site to site with a number of logistic problems was met.
The following is a summary table for schools, Markets and institutions that were monitored by the consultant.

Naivasha Public Toilet15.6MonitoringIn good use.
 7.7Repairs and repaintingOne burner installed.
 19.8MonitoringGas payment
Kapsabet Town Public Toilet8.7Site identificationWork not begun. Contractor turned down the awarded contractor.
Ugunja Public Toilet23.6Monitoring of the Treatment PlantManagement of toilet still under the council and the MoA has not been honoured.
 7.7Training of operators 
Meru Government Prisons16.9Training on Operation and Maintaenence of the Digester and Baffle Reactor.No ownership of the project.
 17.9Sealing of the Digester.Main Sewer-line not connected.
  Checking pressure in pipes 
Lwanda Kotieno Public Toilet25.6Handing over the site to Beach Management and clearing the contractor.The Beach Management not taken in the need of public pay toilet in town. There is need to involve the Water and Sanitation company to take up the management of facility.
 6.10Training the Beach Management on toilet use. 
 7.10Follow-up on toilet operation 
St Mary’s Lwak Girls25.6Kitchen piping.Pond complete and working.
 25.8Stoves installation training.All toilets in good use.
 26.8Digester sealingKitchen piping has been completed.
  Training of operation and maintenance.Manometer installed.
  Pond supervision. 
Ramba Boys25.6Pressure test in digester and piping.Piping in the kitchen to be done by school when it opens next year.
 25.8Training on reuse 
Rang’ala Girls high School30.6Training on use of the Facility, Operation and maintenance. 
Rambula Mixed Secondary School30.6MonitoringDigester pressure is low at 24cm Water column.
 11.8Pressure testNeed to check for leakages in pipes and digester.
 27.8Training on use, operation and maintenance. 
 20.9Preparation for Ugunja workshop. 
  Visit with workshop team. 
  Site follow up 
Ambira Boys17.6Sealing of Digester Neck.Toilets in good use.
  MonitoringKitchen piping not done
  Pond siting and Reuse training on farm. 
Chianda Boys high school25.6MonitoringKitchen piping not done
  Supervision of other toilet connections 
Raliew Secondary School25.6Supervision of other toilet connections on DTS.Pond not done.
  Training on operation and management.Toilets in good use
  Pond construction siting and designWater connection to the facility to be done to improve its use.

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